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open wound

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I have two cats, Elvis and Einstein, and they occasionally wrestle/play. Usually when they wrestle, I will see some little clumps of loose hair on the carpet. I noticed this morning that Einstein has a place on his neck where some of his hair is missing. I could tell that Einstein had been bleeding (not bad), but the wound appears to be just where his hair is missing. The skin does not appear to be broken. I have rinsed the wound with peroxide. Is there anything else I should do? Do you think I need to take him to the vet for this?

He appears to be feeling okay, so I don't think he is in any pain. He even let me look at the wound.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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I think it's okay. Just keep a close eye on the wound and if it appears to be getting puffed or infected, take him immediately to the vet....

I'm sure the cat sages here will have more to say regarding this.

This has happened to me before- A couple weeks ago, I noticed that one of my cats had a bloody scratch and luckily I already had an appt with the vet about him so I had the vet look at it and he was like "oh, it's just a scratch. Don't worry about it"

I guess he thinks I am a very PARANOID mother (don't blame him though cuz if any cats of mine start acting differently for a few hours, I start freaking out! ) I have called him several times regarding this and most of the time he'd say oh, it's fine- that's normal, blah blah.

Sorry to be running on and on about this. Again, I think ur cats will be okay. Just keep an eye on the wound!
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Clip the fur around the wound. Place your hand over the wound but don't touch it, stay a few inches above it and then move towards it slowly. Does heat rise up to meet your hand? If it is intense heat, there is an infection brewing. Keep the wound open, keep it cleaned out so it won't abcess. Abcesses are nasty. Use betadine scrub if you have some, peroxide just burns the tissue- then use neosporin over it. Once the wound closes, watch it for heat and swelling, if it swells then get the cat to the vet for debreeding and antibiotics. It is hard to assess a wound over a computer monitor, but if you are in doubt just call your vet and tell them what happened what you have done and ask for advice. That's what you pay them for.
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My Vet said one time to me to put some Antibiotic Ointment on the wound once a day .
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