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Scaredy Cat - Moving - HELP!

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My precious black and white tabby is afraid of her own shadow. She hides under the bed until my husband and I have settled down for the night. Then, she is completely relaxed and loves to be loved, but she won't let us pick her up. We are scheduled to move in Mid-October and I am already stressing over how to get her from this home to our new home without causing her complete trauma. Just the thought of trying to get her into a carrier sends my fur on end. Any suggestions would be so greatly appreciated
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Right now, I would take the carrier out and get little miss scaredy cat used to the carrier being around the house. Feed her in it so she has only good associations with it. Pet her near it . .. etc. Between now and moving date, periodically put her in the bathroom with her open carrier and food so she gets used to being in the bathroom with the door closed.

The day of the move, put her in the bathroom with food, water, sand box, and familiar blanket, close the door tightly, put a big sign that says DO NOT OPEN, then get some low tack tape and tape a big huge X over the door frame so that NO ONE can get in.

When movers are done taking everything out and you're ready to pack miss kitty off to the new house, put her in the carrier and bring her to new house. Let her out in the new bathroom with with food, water, sand box, and familiar blanket. Put a sign on door, tape another big X.

When movers are done putting everything inside your new house open the door and let her explore only a small area at a time. Maybe one room per day, if she is very timid. Keep her food and water in one place and she will associate that location with "safe place."

I've moved a couple times with a scaredy cat myself . . can you tell?

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Dear Maui,

Thank you so much for the outstanding advice. I'll begin the process today.

One more question... since the only carrier I have is the cardboard, top-entry carrier, what type and size would you suggest. My Oreo is quite large. Does she need a lot of room to move around or should it be just slightly larger than her size?

Thank you again,
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I suggest purchasing one of those large plastic carriers. The bigger the more comfortable the cat will feel in it.

And Maui what great advice! I dont have a scaredy cat but I will definately keep that process in mind when/if I ever move!
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Dear Sicycat,

Thank you for the reply. I'm on my way to the pet store now

All the best,
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Awesome! Pick up some feliway while you're there.. and spray it into the carrier before you move the kitty. That should help calm the cat.
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Yes, I forgot to mention the Feliway! Thanks Sicy. . .I normally advise Feliway for just about everything!

If you use a Feliway plug -in in the bathroom (both right now for whenever you put her inside, and at the new one) it will calm her down quite a bit. For other times, you can use the plug-in near the bed so she is more comfy too.
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I would also take kitty on short trips in her carrier. Just around the block, bring her home, give her a wonderful treat. Do this a few times a week if you can. When she is in the car if it is not stiffling hot cover the carrier with a dark cloth to keep her calmer. Let her get used to going places and coming home. When you do move with her put her in one room for at least a week and then open up the house to her in small degrees, not all at once, less overwhelming for her. Leave a cardboard box (of which you will have plenty of) in her room flipped over with a hole cut in it for a kitty cave for her.
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I can't believe how wonderful your information is and how willing you all are to help! I thank you from the bottom of my heart... and I know my precious kitty will endure this new adventure with flying colors. I'll keep you posted on her progress.

All the best,
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