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intro and question/s...new kitty

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Hello I just adopted a new kitten. My question is there a big difference in bottlfed kitties versus mommaraised kitties..(personality)? Or does it not matter? I chose the most active in the litter,the loudest in his litter as well. He is white with black spots and is aprox 5wks. I thought he was weaned,maybe he is...but he is still only slurping mushy/softend hard food. I'm wondering if he needs a bottle still. He was bottlfed. But he has teeth and looks too big for the bottle. He likes to sleep on or with me during his naps. At night he sleeps in my sons bathroom. But I brought him to my bed early yesterday morning. He was acting very demanding a few minutes ago. After some playing, he still kept meyowing...He wouldnt lay down with me,but when I got back on the computr he got in front of the monitor and fell asleep,so now I have him in my arm,on my pregnant belly. He's already played with the baby yesterday when my son/baby was kicking. I wanted to get him before the baby comes so they'd grow up togwther. My 6yr old also loves him. With my son in school(today is his first day too!) and me a SAHM, I'l have 2babies to care for . I dont beleive those silly storie of cats sucking the breath out of babies,etc... So anyway are bottlefed kitties more personable, or enjoy people more? I hope so,but however he turns out,I'll eccept him for who he is. He is sleeping&purring on my arm/chest right now. Is this a baby thing for him,or do all cats like sleeping with/on us? I had 2cats before,they slept on our beds,but not in/on us.
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First of all, Congratulations on adding a new member to your family!!

It takes kittens time to switch from milk/mushy kittenfood to dry/canned kittenfood. I think it takes up to 8 weeks (cat sages PLS correct me if I'm wrong about this!) for them to switch over. I'd recommend continuing to feed her milk/mushy food then slowly add dry kitten food and as you add dry kittenfood, decrease the amount of milk/mushy food. Don't worry about bottlefeeding her at this time.

That's a good question about the difference between bottlefed and mommaraised kittens.

I currently have four cats - one I bought from Petsmart at 9 months old- don't know her previous background (if she was raised by her momma or bottlefed) but she is a very shy (around other people) and gentle cat.

I also have two cats who were rescued as 3 weeks old kittens (brothers) by a boy who gave them to a vet who gave to me. I had to feed them by bottle and putting special kitten milk in saucers for a couple weeks then slowly switched over to canned/dry kitten food. I have had them now for over a year and they are very active, mischievous and loving cats.

4th kitten- I feed some ferals outside and in Feb, one of the regular feral visitors to my home named Sweetie was pregnant. I knew there was a blizzard on the way and she looked ready to give birth anytime so I managed to coax her into the apt (trapping her in with no way out! She didn't like that at all at first!) and kept her in my bedroom where she gave birth to 5 beautiful kittens. I got the opportunity to see Sweetie raise her kittens, teach them how to use litterbox, how to play, how to hunt, etc. All the kittens stayed with her from Feb to the end of May before going to new homes. I kept one kitten named Pepper. She is a very hyperactive, affectionate and silly kitten.

The point to this is that some of my cats have been raised by mommas and some were raised by bottle and all of them have different personalities and I love all of them equally to death! Only one out of 4 cats refuses to sleep with me. Three INSIST on sleeping with me so again, it varies. I think it depends on the cat's preferences
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