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Trying to find a old litter box idea..

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I remember years ago on TV they had a neat idea for a litter box. I don't know the name and can remember much but I will describe it and see what you think of the idea. It's tough to picture so I will try to describe it as best I can.

You have 3 ordanary looking litter pans, each with small slits (holes) in the bottom. Individualy they will let litter through but when any 2 are places on top of each other, they holes are not in the same place and they seal the litter in, get it so far?

Ok now you place all 3 ontop of each other and fill with litter, it now looks and works like a regular box for the cats. Instead of scooping you simply lift the top box and shake to let loose litter through. Then you empty the clumps and place that one underneeth the 2 (which are together so they are holding the litter in.

Now you have all 3 back together again and you just always lift the top pan to sift and place it back under the other 2 when clean.

What do ya think? Anyone have this?
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I had that for a while, but found that it left litter all over the floor and let urine seep through. I had always keep a newspaper in the bottom one, which kind of goes against the theory.
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They are still around and Petco has them on sale right now http://www.petco.com/product_info.as...ter+Boxes&ct3=
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Slipstream - Very interesting litter box system...I may check that out.
(Thanks for the link, Clara! )

Slipstream, Your kitty pics are adorable!!!

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they have them at walmart and kmart.
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that one petco has is nice! the solid bottom tray takes care of the leaking problem. I might have to try this!
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I remember this system - and I have seen them at Canadian Tire. It was a Canadian invention, and the development was funded at least partly by Dini Petty. The story, as I remember it, was she was at her hairdresser, and heard this guy, or his wife, talking about this great idea he had. She was impressed with the concept, and thought that she should encourage an entrepreneur, so she invested. She did a whole show about it, and did a lot of promotion.

Not that any of that means the system works. I saw those, and decided to buy a plain old covered litter box with a scoop.
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I posted this in another forum but I thought it might be helpful for you here too!!!

Unfortunately, we are apartment bound and our bathroom is too small to put a large litter box for our two boyz. So, we have the litter box tucked in a corner of our dining room. I know it sounds gross but it's really not too bad... my hubby found this enclosed litterbox called "Catty Corner" and it's really great!


It's got a tray in the bottom - so all you have to do is lift the tray to sift the clumping litter out, dispose of the "nastys", flip the top to the bottom, replace the tray and pour the remaining litter back in. It's a snap! And odor is to a minimum since it's all enclosed. Plus, since it's shaped like a triangle, it fits nicely in to corner, hence the name "Catty Corner".
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TONIM68, the link didnt work
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Yep, I had one...it is one of the few "failed" litter box purchases that I've had. The sifter didn't sift very well, it was difficult to clean and the whole thing took even more time!

Just not the right litter box for us,
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Hmmm... try this link:


It's a great product!
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