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Cracked Nail

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My Samy's got a split nail. I don't know if I should leave it alone, take her to the vet, or cut it off?

She doesn't seem to be in pain.

I have found what looks to me like a layer of shedding from her nail before lying around the house. This doesn't look like that. It looks cracked right in the middle, and her nail is curved sideways. Doesn't look very comfortable for her.

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Hi Maggie, and welcome!

If the split is large and just not at the tip of the claw, then you should take her to the vet. The only reason I say that is because bacteria can be easily introduced into the split and perhaps cause problems for the cat, depending on what type of bacteria she might get into. If the split is just right at the tip, take a pair of sharp nail trimmers and cut the claw back, but don't hit the quick (or the pink part) if you do the cat will bleed and bleed and be very unhappy. Have a septic pencil nearby in case you do accidently cut her (cats are known to jump when you cut their claws)
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Now you can see what I'm talking about.
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That is a bad split and a vet visit would be wise. Is she an indoor outdoor cat? That looks like the kind of split they get when they dig into cement and or asphalt because something scares them.
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She's an indoor cat. She's 14 years-young She is my baby. I think she is a Chartreaux.

I will make an appointment ASAP and Will keep you posted on what happens.
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Would love to see some pics of her!!!!!!
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