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Fern just brought us another kitten! This one is gray and white spots with two grey legs and two white legs. The smallest of the bunch for sure, poor baby, was all alone last night.Or maybe he wasn't- maybe there are more????????? This one we are calling Ashcroft. He is upstairs now with his brothers and sisters.

Maybe this is just a not so subtle message from God that I shouldn't of given up my efforts to become a non-profit cat haven. After I get a chance to breathe, I am going to dig through the paperwork and see if I can make heads or tails out of what all I need to do to become non-profit
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Sounds like a good idea to me. If I was closer, I'd take some of those babies off your hands for you in a second.
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Hissy, how far do you live from Portland again?:laughing2
If I recall, you're by Lebanon/Sweet Home?

I want Ashcroft! Poor little runt sounds adorable...I've always been a sucker for the runt of the litter!

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I would go to the moon and back if it meant that these kittens (or one of them) would have a good home. We are about 2 hours from Portland depending on where in Portland you are??????
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You know, I was half serious, leaning towards Real serious...he sounds so adorable! Not sure if I want to bring a male into this hen house though...?

How old does he seem to be? What is his temperament?<sp>

I've kind of told my pal Linda I'd take one of her cat Graycee's recent batch, since Graycee is from a litter of Cagneys, and Cagney is from a litter of Linda's deceased cat Vengie's (The Avenger). We have a kind of chain going here...although I plan to end it...all kitties from here on are getting fixed!

Anyway, Graycee had only 3 babies, 1 is claimed by Linda's hubby and I'm not sure about the health of the other 2, the father is a rather mangy Tom and the babies don't look all that healthy or alert...I hope I'm wrong.

Keep me posted on Ashcrofts progress, etc, and maybe a pic of the bunch? (hint hint)

I'm up by Clackamas Town Center...off 82nd ave. in S.E. Portland, by I-205.

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Hissy; How many does this make now that she has brought? I once had a feral Mom bring me a total of 9 kitties one at a time. Luckily I had another nursing Mom who only had 3 and she adopted 3 of the new ones.
Which meant each Mom had 6 to nurse and it worked out swell!
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This will make a total of 5 that she has brought us. All my other cats are on strike right now! I see them on the driveway walking on their hind legs carry signs:

Guys start saying some big-time prayers. I can't keep these little ones longer than a month or so. I called Emily and told her what happened and she just laughed and laughed. She said I am a Kitty Magnet (yeah and I'm on the way to Divorce Court soon if I don't find homes for this darlins!)
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Hissy....you are an I swear!!!!!!
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