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More Great News!

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I had more great news today! I finally got a hold of someone to find out if my car is under warranty still. And it is! So I'm not going to mess with Wal Mart anymore. Daewoo will have a new engine put in it plus pay for all the towing bills I incurred ($280) and then they can go after Wal Mart. So it may take another couple of weeks but it will be fixed!

I've got some new kitty pictures too. I am scanning them now and will post them in a bit.
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Good for you! I can imagine how relieved you are.
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Yeah , pictures yeah
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Congratulations!! This is great news!!! we'll wait for the pics!
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that is wonderful news, good for you
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ALL RIGHT! That is FABULOUS NEWS! Sorry I didn't mean to yell Anywho I am so glad for you that is one less headache and worry off of your shoulders. Warranties are great aren't they?
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I'm so happy for you! That is just great news. Cars can be such a bother, especially when your the only one responsible for them. That is why I had to trade in my 1997 Breeze, too many problems and it was becoming the money pit. I can imagine you are much relieved.
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Whew! Good news!
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