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Regarding the Cat Pages Section Please Read

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All of you know by now that there will soon be a new design for TCS pages. Along with this new design will be *some* new upgrades. The Cat Pages is one of those sections getting a much needed upgrade.

The Section will be closed down until the upgrade is completed. There is no way of knowing how long that will be, but when it does come back online it will be a better mousetrap and you will be among the first to know.

So we just ask your patience, and remember we are trying to make this website better for everyone, so keep that in mind as you are weeping and gnashing your teeth!
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Roger that. Thanks.
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*pouts* Okay *sigh* Is it back up yet? Huh...Huh...Huh Is it? Sorry acting like a spoiled brat over here. I will be patient...it will be hard but I will
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Safe to assume current Cat Pages content will remain intact *somewhere* thru the outage?
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That is the hope Bill!
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can't wait to see the finished product!
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I also can't wait to see every body , then when I see a name I would know who it is . Awsome
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When is this going to happen? Just so I can be prepared. I guess that means no forums for a little while?
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The program is being written and designed specifically for the Cat Pages, so we are looking at quite a bit of down time. Please just be patient and as soon as we can we will bring it up and have you all test it out and see how it goes..
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Okay dokie. I'll be patient also. Maybe a sign or something could be added on cat pages such as "currently under construction" or something so that way people know that nothing can be added to the cat pages at this time? I don't know if that is possible for a sign to be added. I have seen some webpages with a sign saying something like that and it was helpful to know why the webpage wasn't working right..

Just a suggestion then maybe LESS people will be emailing you asking what they did wrong like I did. That would reduce the amount of emails you would have to respond to.
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The forums should not be affected by that - but... we are working on making one login for both forums and cat pages - so you would only have to remember one username and password! It also means that any forum member has instant access to creating his/her cat pages! No need to set up a new account!

This time around - you will also be able to have multiple cat pages with one login. You'd be able to manage all your cat pages from one login screen. More on the menu - you would be able to choose background color or image, font type, font color, title, music and more!

And yes, if all goes well - the existing cat pages (over 1200!) are going to be moved to the new database unharmed It would also mean a sudden increase in the number of members here as owners of cat pages will automatically become members here!
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How about @ting something like : Invite a friend ?????
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Good Job!! Look forward to updating my kitty page!!!!

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