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Flea shot

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Is anyone familiar with this? PROGRAM® (lufenuron) 6 Month Injectable for Cats for veterinary use;The six-month injection that controls flea populations in cats
Any pro's and con's?
My aunt told me last week that our vet offered flea shots
which she went ahead & got for her 2 cats due to cost
of course.
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I just looked up the FDA information.

It looks to me that although severe adverse reactions are rare, other reactions are common, and not something I'd do to my cats.
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My mom always got this done on our cats because it was hard for her to remember when they had last had it (for topicals), and since we had two cats and a dog, she didn't want them to lick it off each other.

The shot apparently stings quite a bit - our one cat would go absolutely nuts when she got it, but she was otherwise healthy. It did work very well for fleas.
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Program only prevents fleas from breeding, it doesn't actually kill the fleas. That can prevent a huge infestation, but otherwise isn't terribly useful, IMO. And I don't like to use injectables on my cats due to injection-site problems.
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