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Should I break the news to her gently?

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And tell her that the two of them are not supposed to get along?
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LOL awww that is just too cute
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Aww...No no... Let them cuddle
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nah , I would not . They both may be lol
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Awww that is so cute. The kitten thinking she is a dog and the dog thinks she is a cat That is the way that my furbabies are.
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awwwwwww how sweet!!!!
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A Kodak moment!
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But didn't you hear? The Digital age is crunching the Kodak Moments big time! LOL
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that is so sweet..... u know i saw that topic and i was wondering if u r gonna tell her that some siblings are not gonna be around anymore...phew....
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WOW what a photo, i love it!
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Naaaa..... let her enjoy her buddy!
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Awwwwwwww! Kenai and Nodd(?,Winkin or Blinkin?

SOOOOO cute!
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LOL Sam, I had to go and look that's Winkin!
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LOL MaryAnne!!!!!!!!! YAAAAAAAY
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LOL Sorry but the three of them look so much alike, I hope they never lose that unique coloring on their heads or I am sunk! LOL
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MA I don't know who got the better end of the deal you or them. They look sooo happy and healthy and so loved. And they look like SO MUCH FUN. With those guys around I'd never get anything done. I'd be spending far too much time playing cuddling and snapping photos.
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What a sweet pic!
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Oh, that's so precious.
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They seem happy and they look soooo cute together. Why would you want to ruin everything for them by breaking the news???????? LOL!!
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Too cute! Why spoil the moment, they are so sweet together.
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