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I am off too Sunny Hawaii tomorrow morning. I have to be out the door at 6am. Ouch that is early!!

Just wanted to say goodbye and I will check in when I return!

See you
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Enjoy the time, the sun, the surf, the food, the ambiance...I better shut up or I am going to crawl into your suitcase! :tounge2:
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Have lots of fun and think of us. Also, can I ask a favor? Since I'm from the beach (Brooklyn) and no longer live near a beach (now in Nevada), will you take a swim for me and a walk along the beach for me. Thanks. See you when you get back.

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Don't take any lava rocks from the Big Island! They are said to be cursed. Have an excellent time!
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Have a safe trip!! Make sure and keep a good log so we get all the good details when you get back.
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I am extremely envious! You will be in Hawaii, I am going to New Jersey - HMMMMMMM
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I agree with Rene, especially since I am going to New Jersey with her!
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Take care and have a great time!!!! Mmmm I can't deny I envy you a little :grin:
We already miss you!
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.....and what may I ask is wrong with NJ?????
OK OK it's not Hawaii but the temperature is close...
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I am very jealous!!! The nearest beach in this state is the Great Salt Lake and its not a good place to swim. Also is the Utah lake. I would like to go to Hawaii some day. I won't be going to an ocean for some time. Is anyone going to any Mexican beaches? I can tell you that Manzanillo and Puerto Vallarta are pretty cool. But the best by far is Cancun.
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I am so jealous. It is supposed to be so beautifull there. Have a wonderfull time.
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Have a wonderful and safe trip! Tell us all out it when you get back. You Brat!!!

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There's nothing wrong with NJ!!!!!! I'll defend that state till my final breath. But as far as exotic vacation spots go, it's no Hawaii.

P.S. Where in NJ are you?
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I am completely jealous! :-( But happy for you at the same time!
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I totally agree!! I am in Bridgewater, NJ it's exit 17 of off Rt 287W. So I am in the "western" part of the state.
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I was raised in Bergen County. All I can say is that you are lucky to still live there!
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Well, Jersey is where I am headed right now. We should be leaving in about 30 minutes. There's nothing wrong with Jersey, but it looks like the rest of the east coast to me...LOL. We are having a cat show at the Elks club in Dumont. Can't wait to start my relaxing weekend!!
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Me too: I grew up in Fair Lawn and my parents still live there. Just could not afford to buy anything - way too expensive. What town did you grow up in??
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Ho-Ho-Kus. My stepsister lives in Fair Lawn, just off of 208.
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Wow, my parents live just off 208 on Morlot Ave - this is getting erie......
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My stepsister lives on Pomona Ave.
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Ooh, Hawaii. I'm jealous!
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Shannon!! I hope you are having a GREAT time in Hawaii!!!!! Lucky you!!! I can only ever dream of going to such an exotic place!!! Hope you bring back lots of stories!! We miss you!
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