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Sugarfoot #6 (of 6)

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Sugarfoot #6

She wrapped the small furred body in a blanket
as if to keep it warm, though it was cold
already. Clenching jaws against the grief,
she laid it in the earth where he had dug
a grave (so small) beside the greening poppies.
Together then, in silence, they returned
the disturbed earth, each gripping back the tears
(as best they could) to keep from further wounding
the other. Over it he placed a rock.
“In case the dogs should dig. . .,†he turned away.

“I’d better go to work,†her face was stiff,
“The day’s half over. They’ll be needing me.â€
“Me too.†They went each to their separate ways.
She spent the day. . .the week . . .the month . . .not crying.

There - thank you for baring with me. I never read the last 2 poems to Gabby as I don't think she really understood death. Just that she was sick.

I did tell her I would see her again and not to worry when I tucked her in for the last time.

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That one brought tears to my eyes. Very touching.
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wow, very strong.
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