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Micah's Vet Visit today

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Well, it sure was interesting. Turns out my homeopathic vet also is a spiritual healer. Yea...I'll let you use your imaginations on how interesting that 1.5 hours was.

While I'm not discounting him or his methods, it seemed pretty basic to me when it came to the health part. He was using "tuning rods" to "talk" to his "guide" and actually answered some very interesting questions about Micah vs. our other cats.

Here are a few things I learned:

*Micah is a "space cat"...this means he has a higher frequency of emotion and intellect than our other five. In normal terms? It confirmed that he is much different than they are...SO TRUE!! It also revealed that NOAH has been picking on Micah lately (most likely cause Micah has been getting his special food in the bathroom). The vet said that Micah doesn't mind Noah being a meanie to him..that is REALLY true.

*Micah doesn't feel sick! Micah is happy and he feels connected to me. That really warmed my heart.

*Micah's gums are what hurt him. He didn't say how to make that go away, but I assume that with the diet he'll be on, it'll heal that as well.

*He said that Livvy has some back pain and arthritus. He said he could heal her too, but I'll wait to see how Micah does.

*As far as Micah's food, he needs to alternate between Innova and a raw diet.

*He gave Micah a homeopathic remedy (there) for chronic diarreah and did some spiritual thing where Micah could take the healing energy from this guy. During that part, Micah was trying to get back in his carrier, I had to bite my lip not to laugh.

*He sent us home with an immune system helper called glutasyn...I think that's it, its hard to read his writing.

All in all, it was very strange. We'll see what happens...

Anyway, I'll be sure and keep you all updated.

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Sounds like you had a very interesting vet visit
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Originally posted by nern
Sounds like you had a very interesting vet visit
Interesting is a good word. So are freak, quack, wierdo.

(I'm not denoucing what he believes in, only that I was there asking for homeopathy and got his spirituality...)
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For a holistic man to not know how to clear up a gum problem sounds a bit odd. Actually, your whole visit sounded odd...
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How interesting AND WEIRD! Keep us posted!
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