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Favorite Day Time Drama

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Not that I do this religiously, I did during my pregnancy, especially during the contractions, but now I have enough time in between chasing after JB and my son. Which is your favorite day time soap?

And if anyone knows, what happened to Bianca on All My Children? I saw her a few days ago dazed after something happened to her and then telling her exlover that she would have gone crazy if she wasn't there for her today?
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Bianca was raped, by the dude who was trying to destroy her mother's company. I don't remember the guys name on the show.
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I really cannot get into soaps!
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I can't believe that!!! How awful!!!!!! I just saw that her mom found out.
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Kiwi, some are kind of funny, sometimes I'll watch a little bit for a few days and then lose interest. Then gain interest after a few months and see that the story did not really evolve! Young and the Restless is good with that, same ole' drama from 10 20 years ago. And it cracks me up how some of these soaps will bring in really old actors/actresses that left or were 'killed' and to see how they appear to be 'young' as if they did not age at all!!! Anyway....don't have cable so can't watch meaningful shows like Animal Planet or Sponge Bob!
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Okay, don't laugh, my favorite soap is passions
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My favorite soap is Days Of Our Lives!
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My fav soap is Fair City, but it is Irish so i'm sure nobody knows it but I was addicted to Sunset Beach when it was on. It was just so bad it was good.
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All My Children is the bomb! I have been watching it for 14 years
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dtolle, you're a true fan!!! I like passions also, is that the one with vampires? It's a bit cheesy but still cute, so don't feel shy Annabelle!
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I watched All My Children for about 32 years. The last couple I haven't watched it hardly at all because of work. Used to watch One Life to Live too.
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I think it's Port Charles with the Vampires, right?? I never watched it, but one day I was watching the daytime emmys or something and they were talking about a vampire soap and I'm pretty sure that's what it was..

Passions is just so stupid it shouldn't exist but I can't help myself! I always liken it to a car accident... you don't wanna look but you can't take your eyes away.. It's about witches and demons and really ridiculous stuff. The other day Sheradon (a female character) was trapped in a dungeon type thing and followed a rabbit thru a hole and instantly she was Alice in Wonderland.. It was so corny. And that stuff happens everyday.. Ugh. Anyone who needs a laugh, turn it on. The effects are horrible and the story line is worse but it's just too crazy not to watch lol!
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Last I knew Port Charles didn't have vampires! But it's been a while!
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