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stressd out kitty

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Hello Kitty lovers:
I have a stressd out kitty and I do not know what to do to help her. A little back ground...I have four cats, two (females) are 9 years old (got them two weeks apart, they are very close) and two (1 male, 1 female) are three years old. The kitty in question's name is Velcrokitty and she is one of the older kitties. She is garden variety black and white kitty, slightly overweight.

Velcrokitty has never gotten over the introduction of the younger kitties to my home. She hisses and growls at them all the time, especially the male who happens to be the biggest of the kitties. The younger kitties are never mean to Velcro, but the male likes to chase and tease her every once and awhile (playfully). Mostly, the younger kitties leave her alone.

I am home all day so I see what they do...there is no real fighting, just regular kitty stuff (sleeping, cleaning, playing, snuggling, eating). My proximity does not seem to help Velcro feel more secure when the big kitty is around. I have tried extra attention and kitty massage, special places for her only, special places for eating.

Is there anything I can do for my kitty to help her feel more relaxed and happy and to help her accept the younger kitties??

Thanks everyone!
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I am having similar problems with my dominant neutered male; he hates my fosters and my Feral cat. I am trying Bach Flower Remedy and Feliway(expensive). He may be telling me that he does not want more cats around. He especially resents other kitties sleeping in "his & Moms" bed. He will do anything to get my attention. I may decide to stop fostering if we cannot get this under control.

According to my research, the dominant cat should be given the respect and care that he/she "knows he deserves" I greet him first when I walk into my apt.; give him extra attention, etc. but my other animals need attention too. My Jesse James thrives on my attention and perhaps I am being stretched too thin.

Is Velcro your dominant cat?
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Are all your cats spayed and neutered?

Do you have cat condos or cat posts where Velcrokitty can get off the ground and feel safer?

You may want to invest in a Feliway Room Mister from Farnum Pet

You also might try making your cats all smell the same by putting a small dab of vanilla extract under their chins, between their shoulders and on the base of the tail.
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My Velcrokitty used to be the alpha kitty when it was just the two of them. But I think one of the problems is that Darth Kitty (the male) and Velcrokitty have been vying for the dominant position ever since he became big enough to want it (2 years now).

All my kitties are spayed.

My assumption is that she is upset about losing the alpha kitty position and can't get over it. But then she still hisses at the other younger kitty as if she is in cohorts with Darth Kitty.

I've heard that "Rescue Remedy" is a good anxiety helper in cats. Any ideas about dosage for a 14 lb cat and if it is indicated in this situation?

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I put a drop or two of Rescue Remedy in the water bowls. There are some other Bach Flower essences that can be used too. I think the vanilla extract idea is a good thing to try.
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Believe it or not, having a variety of elevated perches in the house can solve a lot of these aggression problems. When the frustrated cat is able to retreat to a window perch or the top shelf of a cat tree, it is very calming to all involved.
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I do have a number of elevated perches in my home...it definitely helps. There is one that I do not let Darth Kitty use so that Velcrokitty can feel safe there.

If I put the rescue remedy in the water dish, then everyone will get a bit of it. I do not like medicating my kitties if they do not need it.

To anyone who has used rescue remedy...any side effects I should look for if I go this route?

Thanks everyone!
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