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two questions about the kittens

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like they wanna eat the cat litter. i dunno why. is this going to hurt them and umm like one of the kittens managed to jump out of the box we have them in and used the bathroom for the first time i believe and got crap all over his white tail. weve cleaned it and all yeah of course but umm like a bit ago the kitten got in the litter box we have made for them and le t out these huge squeals. i think she may be constipated or something. is there anything i can do for her?
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First I hope you are using clay litter and not clumping because as with kids eveything winds up in their mouth.

Second, yes take them to them VET for a check up - they are s fragile at this stage and only the slightest issue can turn into a big problem.

Good luck
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take them to the vet ASAP. Make sure you are using non clumbing litter and feeding them a good food. How old are they?
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this is the one that seems so sick. yeah they are about 4 weeks old now.
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Get the kittens to the vet ASAP! If you are using clumping litter it will clog their stomach and intestines. Give the kitten some canned pumpkin to help her go to the bathroom. A hairball remover like laxatone or petromalt will help as well.
Remove all cat litter from their box as they are too young for litter training. This should be started after they start kitten food at 5 weeks. The mom cat should be cleaning and feeding the kittens until then and for a while after that as well. I have 15 week kittens that are still wanting to suckle mom.
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umm they are already eating maybe they are already five weeks old. im not exactly sure about that.... the mother kat is obviously trying to ween them already. one out of six isnt eatin food yet but.. yeah
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they should really still be with the mom. who has the mom?? I hope she will be getting fixed ASAP.
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It is quite common for kitties to sample kitty litter. They also like to lie in the litter pan and when they finally get out, they lick themselves clean. If you are using clumping litter, it would be wise to discontinue and use another type, something biodegradeable that won't hurt them if ingested. Clumping litter has been shown to cause problems in young kittens as well as cats. It can cause the kittens to vomit, lose weight and cause internal blockages as well ( among other unpleasant things)

Your kittens all need to see a vet, and yes, I understand that money is an issue for you and money is tight. But when you open your home to an animal, you take on the responsibility of caring for that small being, the same as you would a child. You should take this family to the vet for a workup and check-up and let the professional that can see the problem help you.

I do disagree with Dragon Lady's advice about removing litter material. The kittens need to observe mom using the box that is how they learn they have to. Either switch to a friendlier brand of litter, or just strip out pieces of newspaper and use that.
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