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Medication causing hallucinations?

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All four of my cats are on Grisovin to treat ringworm from when the youngest picked it up from some feral kittens I was fostering (she got into the quarantine area without me knowing). I was wondering if it's possible that the eldest, Milo, is having visual hallucinations caused by the medication? He sits, stares at a blank spot on the wall, will look at me if I call him and then go back to staring at a different part of the wall. At the moment, he is going between staring at a door and staring at a place on the carpet.

I know cats will stare at nothing occasionally or stare at the wall if they hear things scurying around in the wall but Milo's behaviour seems odd to me. He is otherwise fine, relaxed and responsive. Grisovin must be given with a fatty meal and I have done this. None of the other cats are behaving strangely. If Milo is seeing things, it's not distressing him at all.

Any ideas?
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I haven't heard of it happening, however everyone (cat) is different and may react differently.

I haven't heard of this medication for ringworm. The ones I have heard of cause liver damage.Is this a safer alternative? I would love to put my cats on it as I was only able to use ointment and shampoos. My vet refused to prescribe the pills due to the effect on the liver.
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Teresa, I think Grisovin is fine unless it's taken long term (like 6 months or more). If your cats are put on it, you can always request a blood test to check the liver every now and again. Do your babies have chronic ringworm? They may be passing it back and forward to each other. Once two of the cats were infected, the vet wanted to treat them all so this wouldn't happen.

Grisovin may only be available in Aus and NZ, not sure. You have to be very careful if you have pregnant queens as it can cause abnormalities and deformities in the unborn kittens.
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I did some quick research on this and found that this medication in rare instances can cause what is known as foetoxictiy- or neurological imbalances and or psychological abberations. Fancy way of saying in this kitten find another alternate and safer med!
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MA, thank you for your reply. I believed that foetoxicity was a reaction of a foetus (human or animal) to toxic substances ingested by the mother, which caused birth defects or death of the growing foetus. Grisovin does cause this and therefore must never be handled by pregnant women or given to pregnant queens.

Milo is 6 years of age. He's asleep at the moment and I'll keep an eye on him. Unfortunately, Grisovin is the only medication that their ringworm will respond to. When Vegemite became infected, the vet tried various meds and then moved onto Grisovin. It did resolve the ringworm but, of course, one of the other cats gave it back to her when they became infected (and round we go).

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and where we stop, nobody knows! Don't you just love ringworm? I hope you don't catch it-
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Well...all I'll say is that when I was in hospital with that cat scratch fever (or whatever it was, apart from evil LOL) they thought I had measles as well. I had to explain that it was ringworm and I was already on something for it and they said that the IV meds I was on for the disease would also help the ringworm. I was pleased. I've got about 30 spots, all almost healed now though. Ringworm is not to be taken lightly but it's funny when you glow as well as your cats under that light.
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We have had 2 small outbreaks right after the queens had delivered. I have kept it under control and have bleached the house.

I have read on Fanciers Health site there is a new medication that will cause the cats to "break" all at once and completly wipe it out. I'm looking into finding it close to home.
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oh I am sorry you caught it Tania (though not surprised the stuff is so contagious! So for awhile you will be the Black Light Special!
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LOL yep. I said to the vet I should go and visit a nightclub. I'd be the coolest one there!
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