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Incident this morning

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This lady from UPS came to deliver a very heavy 70lb package, I open the door holding my son and she asks if my husband is home. I said he isn't that he's out of town, she then tells me she has this heavy package. Then she holds my stomach and says 'I guess you can't help me because you're pregnant' I told her casually that I wasn't because I just had one!!! as I continue to drink my coffee and eat date bread
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Oh, you must have felt so insulted!

Mega Hugs to you!

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omg i did that before.. someone i was loosely acquainted with thru an old job was pregnant. Well, now she was working at walmart. So now and then I'd see her and ask how the pregnancy was going.. Then one day, I asked her when she was due. She looked at me like i was crazy.. Then I noticed the buttons with baby pictures on her smock. Ugh. Trust me, it was bad for both of us..
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yes, because my son is 10 months now! I did lose the prgnancy weight, but it's hard to get rid of the baby belly! And it swells up on my cycle which should be starting soon or anytime I eat anything that is gassy. I think I'll request some Godiva chocolates from my husband to drown my misery.
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That is really rude. I would never assume a woman is pregnant unless they told me they were or it was blatenly obvious.

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Aw, JB! How frustrating! ((((((hugs!))))))
Just think of the wonderful little guy you have to show for it!
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Yes, I was thinking that, so I blame my son who was 9 lbs 10 oz at birth for giving me this belly! Or actually its my hubby's fault for one little "guy" that actually made the "long journey" to fertilize my egg!!

just kidding!

Thanks everyone for the hugs and support. I guess it was my turn since a loooong time ago I did the same to a co-worker, but she really did look like she was 9 months prego and was even wearing the dresses that you typically see pregnant women wear. It was my first day there, and I was trying to get a feel for everyone. The look in her face really made me wish a huge hole would open so that I could fall into it.
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Wow. I would not be mad about the pregnancy comment. Its happened to me, and I've never had a baby. I had a guy ask me at work when I was due, I knew exactly what he was thinking, I just stared him down and said, what do you mean? What are you talking about? I don't understand! I would have just looked her in the eye and said, what ever can you be talking about, I'm not pregnant. Then see her turn a million shades of red.

What I get mad about is couriers sending packages that the drivers can't handle. One of the best and most efficient driver we ever had was a very attractive
young woman, who would sooner die than ask for help. She was always smiling and cheerful, never once a complaint when she dragged in enormous oversize and overweight packages. And one day she arrived with a particularly cumbersome box, and a real hunk of a guy to help, tall, blonde, really athletic looking. We did a double take, and the next time we saw her, said, lucky you, that was some cute guy you had helping. She smiled and said, yup, lucky me, that was my husband.

We had one woman who never tried to pick up anything heavier than an envelope. She would just come in the door and whine, that box is to heavy for me! I called and told them to send a driver who was competent to deliver the package. Its not my job to help carry the courier package. I want a discount if I have to help.
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You are lucky, someone asked me when I was due a couple of weeks ago, I wouldn't have minded except that I'm not pregnant nor ever have been.
You have an excuse for your stretch marks I only have mars bars to blame
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