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Last Monday my cat Gabby (12) passed away from Hepatic Lipidosis.

My mom wrote a book of poetry that I liked to read to her as I was feeding her and I'd like to share 6 poems from the book. The poems are from "Snapshots Along the Way - A lifetime of Poetry by E.V.Melotte"

Here is #1

A kitten comes calling (Sugarfoot #1)

A kitten came calling, all scraggly and thin,
she cried at the door ‘til we let her come in.
Once in she went running and searching about,
found the dog’s dinner, ate it, and wouldn’t go out.

So we made her a litterbox, gave her a dish,
stocked our cupboards with small cans of chicken and fish,
and tried very hard to convince our friends that
it was our own idea, adopting a cat.