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Is anyone looking at Mars at night?

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Totally amazing to me to track the progress of this planet as it makes this rare journey towards earth. I can't imagine it could be any brighter than it was last night from my front porch, but according to experts it will just keep getting brighter all the time. If you haven't been looking to the East at night, take a gander tonight and see if you can see this bright red planet, and I swear to me it actually looks like it glows with a reddish glow!
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I'm going to look for it tonight! that is so exciting!!
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Definitely, if I can just convince the weather to cooperate. We've had on and off rain/thunderstorms for the past 4 days and it is supposed to continue for another few more.

I would love to have a telescope.
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That's cool Hissy! When I first saw the subject line I thought you were talking about the Mars Bar!
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oooh, thanks for the reminder MA! We'll try to drive out of town & take a look tonight!
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Houston has such bad "City Lights" you can barely see a couple of stars.
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wow.. i am definately gonna check this out tonite--if i can figure out what direction east is..
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yeah, we're kinda screwd when it comes to viewing such things since we're further south. Can't really see it with the naked eye, but then my vision is not the best. I must get a telescope!! Aaargh!

Here's one of my other favorite sites that amateur photographers do, such beautiful pics! Hopefuly someone can take some of Mars and post it
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MA, do you know if it will be close this weekend (say Friday night)? That would give those of us who live in the sickly orange glow of the city time to take a late-night drive out into the country to see the much prettier orange glow of Mars.

Nice website, JB! For those of you in Tx, if you ever have time to make it out to McDonald Observatory in Fort Davis out in west Tx, it's worth the trip. They have great star parties.
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Ack can't wait for a clear night down here to look at it. Figures this cool event happens & we get overcast all the time.
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It is supposed to be at its brightest the last day of this month, but every night as it gets closer, it gets brighter
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I am not allowed out of bed bar the bathroom and 10 mins on this thing every now and then so looking at stars is possibly out of the question. Although, tonight Vicki jumped on my lap and on my groin and I jumped and hit my head on the head board. I think I may have seen enough stars to last all evening - my head is spinning!!!

I thought Mars was a chocolate bar??? I can get one of them from the fridge!

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Hey the google ads have martian info!
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sorry kev! ouch!

Mars is easily attainable at any candy aisle, however the color changes from red to chocolate, even tastes a lot like chocolate!
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Stop Stop, i started the Atkins diet on saturday and you all are talking about chocolate in a thread about stars. Do you want to see me cry?
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Ken and I will have to do this. We even get up real early to watch the metor showers every year so I know we will like to check out the Red Planet
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Craig and I look at it every single night

Craig's coworker is a huge solar system and astrology buff and has this really awesome telescope. One the 27th he's having a party at his house and letting everyone view it with a telescope. He's also taking pictures with his telescope and giving us copies.

I can't wait!!! I'll try to get em scanned for ya once we get em.
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You guys, talking about candy...the Google ads down at the bottom are now for Bertie Botts every flavor Beans and for a Candy Webstore!
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Is it in the East? Not sure where to look....
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Bumping this back up top, since this is the week it is brightest and closest!

Mars is so bright, we've seen him a few times in the past week or so. Wish I had a telescope, I read on CNN this AM that if you have even an amateur scope, you can see the Martian polar ice cap this week.
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We had a "Mars" party last Saturday night and got a lot of our city friends to come out to the country to view it without the light pollution. Folks brought 2 telescopes for viewing and we all had fun. Of course most of our friends spent more time playing with Muddy, Koko, Scarlett and Stumpy than viewing Mars, and who can blame them?

Someone did report that Mars will glow either yellowish or reddish depending on where the dust storms are on the planet. If it glows yellowish, the dust storms are in the atmosphere. If reddish, the dust storms on closer to the planet. We haven't confirmed this, but it made sense.
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I walked outside last night, and it was the first thing I saw in the sky. Spectacular!

In case you missed it, keep an eye on the History Channel this week for their latest documentary on th history of NASA's Mission Control, called "Failure is Not an Option". I watched it on Sunday night, and then tuned in for a live chat with former NASA Flight Director Gene Krantz. When they reran it last night, it was folllowed by a show on space shuttle Columbia and one on Mars.
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Mars was spectacular last night from my front doorstep! Mike found his old telescope and we sat outside, propping it on each other's shoulder (he couldn't find the stand) and took a good long look at this phenomena.
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if anyone here knows how to take pics of it with your telescope or special camera, feel free to post it here! I can't see Mars till 5:30am and I'm way too sleepy to look for a red dot in the sky. Here is a website where one photographer posted a pic:
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