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Outside or Inside

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Are most cat’s house cats or outside cats or put it this way should cats stay inside?
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Hi Bing,

I moved you from the Breeders Forum as your question is more appropriate to the general population here. We have had this discussion before on here, many times. It basically boils down to the individual who owns the cat, the location (is it safe?) and the cat itself.

YOu can do a search in the forums for inside/outside and find oh probably 6-8 threads about this.
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In My opinion I think cats are safer indoors , as they can get hit by a car or hurt. Our kitty is afraid of outside. You put your jacket on or grab your keys, she thinks she is going to the vet.

Could be that when she was a kitten my son put her under his caot to take her to the vet. She spends alot of her time laying on the back of my couch or laying in the windows watchign birds and squirrels and everything else !
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When I was growing up, our cats always went out. My darling Leo, who was an Abyssinian/Siamese cross, was the king of the neighborhood. He would lounge on our deck, prowl in the woods, chase dogs off our property, and was an expert hunter. He LOVED going outside, and he slept with me at night.

The sad part is, when Leo was seven years old he became sick. The vet confirmed that Leo had contracted Feline Leukemia from another cat - a cat that he met outside. The news was grim, as there is no treatment and no cure. Leo had to be put to sleep immediately, so as to not let him suffer - there was also the very real danger of him infecting our other three cats.

It was a hard lesson, but one that I never forgot. I will never take that chance with my cats' lives again. My babies are now housecats, and always will be.

If they never know what it is like to roam outside, they will never miss it.
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here are some past debates on this:


healthier to have indoor cats?
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I prefer my cats to be inside. But I do have some outside kitties that don't want to be in. If I was adopting a cat or kitten out it would only go to an inside only home.
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My cats are indoors only. I've lost too many beloved pets that have went out doors. I just get too attached to them!
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I saw a bumper sticker that summed it up pretty well:

Better inside and fat
Than outside and flat

Kind of crudely put, but to the point. It had a picture of a big fat cat on it. I think one of the humane societies put that out.
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I have four inside/outside cats. Two of the cats have always been that way and when two others came along, there was no way to let the first two keep being inside/outside cats while keeping the other two as inside cats only. It felt cruel to keep all four as inside cats only when the other two had been allowed out all their lives. At times when I've had to keep them in after an operation or for any reason, they will cry and scream at the door and actually make their paws bleed, trying to get out. So they're allowed out in the morning and come inside at 5pm. I have learnt the hard way though, I lost a cat, Peppa Boy, when he was hit by a car and after I moved house, into a very quiet street, my lovely Honey Boy was also hit by a car and died

So, I believe, if you can do it, keep a cat inside, as long as you provide lots of toys( homemade ones are great like toilet rolls, balled up paper, boxes etc) and lots of attention. No matter how quiet you think your street is, one car is enough to cause heartbreak.
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I live in apartment and all my cats get to go on the balcony. I have pigeon net on my balcony so my cats won't jump on the railing. It all depends on the cat, if he/she won't go to far, the location (is it safe around your neigbourhood) but I think it is healthier for cats to stay in this way they would pick up dieases and they would live healthier lives but it is really up to you because some cats love to out and will bug you until you let them out.
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i think inside is better, but i keep mine outside because where i live i am not permitted to have indoor animals. i wouldn't have purposely GOTTEN a cat for this reason, but the cat kinda showed up and adopted ME, and no shelters around here would either accept or promise not to kill him and I just couldn't let him die.. Besides I live in the middle of nowhere and I'm planning on moving so when I do he'll come inside with me
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My cats have never been outside.
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My two kitties are indoor, I think it's just safer and better for me personally. But everyone has a different situation. But I think if possible it's best to keep them indoors.
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Spike is kept indoors only, and he seems just fine with it. Of course, I know he's safer in here with me, and that makes me happy.
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Both of my boys are inside cats. Sammycat is scared to death of the grass he has only put his feet in grass once in his life. Oscar has been an inside kitty since my hubby brought him home. They only way that the boys get to go out is if I pick them up and walk around the yard with them. Both of my guys are happy
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I no that most people think that it is more safer for a cat to be inside than out but is it right to keep an animal that is made for the outside in?
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bing, I believe keeping a cat inside is right. Cats aren't 'made' for the outside as they have become more and more domesticated throughout the ages. A kitten that has grown up as an inside cat only will never know what being outside is like and will be perfectly happy inside. A cat that has been an inside/outside cat can also be perfectly happy becoming an inside only cat. It may take some time and as I said in my previous post, a lot of love, activities for the cat and lots of windows that the cat can look out of.

An alternative is to have a cat run attached to the side of the house. That way, the cat can experience the sound of birds, grass, dirt and sunshine but still be completely safe. You can choose the size according to the amount of space you have and your budget. I've seen some cat runs bigger than a double car garage.
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My cats were inside kitties until they moved to WY. In WY my parents have a large plot of land in a very small town so there's no wild animals and no fast drivers. Toes and Tailer are allowed outside when my parents are outside and they LOVE running around. They also do not go outside the fences. Toes tried it once and my Dad turned around and cussed him out and he promptly went back inside the fence and hasn't tried since then. Mostly they just follow whoever is out there with them around as my parents work on their yard. They also climb the trees and lord it over everyone else.

When I was living in apartments and had both of them I'd put them on leashes and walk them. Toes became very popular in the town I lived in (I had him first) and even got himself invited into some of the small privately owned shops. He loved the metaphysical bookstore and always went straight back to the tarot corner.
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I do you think that it is more better to have a good size backyard when you have pets in the UK were I’m from my mum always have kept cats and I use to see then laying about in the backyard and playing about, and I cannot think of a cat that just stay inside, now having a big home of my own, I am thinking of getting one, put I do not think that I would if I did not have a good size backyard for my pets to use.
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I keep my girls inside. I like knowing where they are and what they are doing. I am over protective that way.
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I have been involved in a similar debate before and was left surprised by the difference in opinion between people in the UK and our American friends. They all seem to believe that the only option is to keep cats indoors for a number of reasons ranging from the spreading of diseases to feral outbreaks or for the increased risk of abuse from cruel humans!
My cats roam in and out as they please but are always in for the night and I would'nt have it any other way!
As far as I'm concerned they need the outdoors as much as the indoors and although the life expectancy is shorter for outdoor cats the varied life is much better for them after all we make the most of our short lives so I think they should be able to put those 9 lives to the test!
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My 4 boys live in and Indoor / Faux Outdoor environment... Where I live, it is too easy for cats to get hurt outdoors so we built a Cat Enclosure out back.
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Wow Kim I love the enclosure! I but my boys would like that
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Originally posted by blondiecat
Wow Kim I love the enclosure! I but my boys would like that
Cathi- I bet they would, too. I think my boys like being indoors just as much as they like the enclosure... They love air conditioning when it's hot and they tend to sleep inside more but in the winter they LOVE hanging out in their enclosure night and day....

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We have not long got a ketten called, Trigger and hope to have him more as a outside iinside cat.

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I don't think people should be "put down" for having outside cats.

I have Persian cats and my desexed ones spend most of their life outside(their choice) and I have breeding cats who go out for periods each day, Cats are from the wild so I have absolutely NO problems about mine going outside, We live on a quite street with under 10 houses and it's great!

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