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Urinary Tract Disease

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I have two-year old female cat who has recently been diagnosed with Urinary Tract Disease. The doctor wanted her to start eating Prescription Diet but she absolutely would not touch it. She will however eat Purina Special Care for Urinary Tract Health. Is this food providing her with proper nutrition? I have read the thread on "What to feed your cat" but I am afraid to feed her any raw meat as I do not want her to get sick again. Any advice?
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Hello lthomas and welcome to the forums!

Sorry to hear about your cat. I'm not a vet, but I do know they should be on the prescriptio diet at least for a while. What does your vet say about the Purina food? Does he/she approve of this instead of the prescription diet?

I don't think you want to start any home made diet right now. I would stick to the speciality diets at least until the vet gives the all clear.

Please keep us updated!
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Purina is on the upper side of the low end foods. It probably does not have the same balance as the vet recomended food. You might want to buy both and slowly mix in the vet food. Then she may slowly adjust to the change. Or I would really talk to the vet and ask if there is an alternative.
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I'm unsure whether or not my cat is simply urinating on my bed out of spite
or if she truly does have an infection. The first time she did this (very
abnormal) I took her to the vet immediately the following morning when I
could get in. They did a urine test and sure enough she had an infection.
After 3 weeks of medication she seemed to be fine. Then she started
scratching her ears non-stop. I took her in, they cleaned out her ears and
while she was there I had them do her teeth as well. Well now 2 weeks or so
after this procedure she wet the bed again!!! The second time she did this I
had just gotten home (very late from work) and I picked her up, set her on
the bed and soon after I set her down she ws scraping away at the edges of
the blanket as if she was in her litterbox. That's what made me think she
did it deliberatly. What do you think? I have an appointment for her
tomorrow morning again. I guess here goes another dose of medication!!! I'm
thinking of getting pet insurance for her! She's getting quite expensive. As for switching foods, she would vomit every time she ate when I first adopted her. It took me months to find a food that worked with her stomach. I finally found out Iams Hariball remedy is best for her but I don't know if it's great for urinary tract infections. I hate to go through all that again if I switch her foods. Any advice? Help!
Thanks for any advice.
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Hi piffert24 and welcome to the forums!

From what I've heard and read, I believe that urinary tract infections tend to be recurrent. Therefore, you're doing the right thing by getting her to see the vet ASAP. Only after the vet rules out any physical problems can you try and approach this as a behavior problem.

Please let us know what the vet said.
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Well i took her in and found out she does have another infection. I got her the antibiotics necessary to clear it up. They make her sleepy so she has been sleeping around the house all day. The vet said that she should be on a low magnesium diet for the rest of her life, preferably a diet prescribed by them. It has a PH formula in the food which is supposed to help and prevent any future infections.

The vet also said that cats will let you know when they are sick and that is why she urinated right in front of me two minutes after I walked in the front door after work. She went all day and waited to show me... Who knows... I guess I'll see if she gets better and has another episode! Meanwhile she probably feels much better.
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Poor thing

I hope she's better soon!
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Well here I am back again and it's late February. My cat STILL has a UTI, or so they think. I've switched vets and he is trying to rule out a UTI. She just finished up a 4 week dose of medicine and as soon as she went off it she wet on the bed again. I can't believe this. $700 later (other issues among UTI), I'm still making trips to the vet. Any ideas anyone what other reasons a cat could wet on the bed after 4 weeks of medicine? I'm going to be bankrupt before she is treated!
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UTI's are easy to find with a simple urine test...have they done an ultrasound to check for stones or crystals??
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They have done a urinalysis but no ultrasound, x-rays, or blood tests. They wanted to wait until her 4 week medication was completely out of her system first. Then he suggested we due a bacteria culture to find out if this is even a UTI. I'm just worried about the cost of all these and I doubt pet insurance would kick in until after I resolve this issue. It's quite expensive!
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It is hard to say since I am not there and dont know what your vet is saying or doing. I can say that I work for a vet and he has diagnosed UTI's in 2 days. If he is suspicous, he runs the test and treats it. If that is ruled out, he jumps to the next theory. It should not cost that much to find the problem. Some vets these days seem to care more about their pocket books than finding the problem and treating it in a speedy manor. What about doing some interviews with different vets?
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