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Hello and Meow!

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Hello I just found this cool place today. I've browsed around and found this to be a wonderful place. I love kitties! I'm a college student who lives at home so when I'm not at school or work I get to spend the rest of my time with my fur baby. His name is Bandit and he's an indoor cat who's been fixed. I got him when my brother's friend's cat had kittens. He's been with me for 3 years now. His birthday is the day before mine. When I'm at home he likes to play video games, surf the net, read books, and listen to music with me. He also likes to help me draw and write. He's even has his own computer chair to sit at. He's sitting next to me now. *paw waves*
I think he's a shorthair mixbreed with a bit of siamese in him (or more than a bit judging by his coloration. ) He has a purple leash and collar so he can venture outside with me safely. He loves to play and eat in the grass. Also when it snows he kinda likes playing in the snow. His greatest adventure was when he went on vacation with me to Minnesota to visit Grandma. He loves hotel rooms! He also got to go to The Mall of America and eat at The Rainforest Cafe.
He also went with me to Ohio when I went to my auntie's wedding. We like to travel in the car. Road Trip!
Bandit is my little darling and I don't know what I'd do without him.

I also have several outdoor kitties who live in my porch and a sweet medium sized doggy who thinks he's a cat. So much so that he tries to use the litter box. LOL!

Here's a picture of my Bandit kitty.

Peace and Love Everyone!
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Welcome to the boards! Bandit looks like a real sweetie!
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Hi! I'm new to this site too. Sounds to me like you and Bandit have a wonderful friendship! I have a 9 week old Tabby, Ivy, that I found when she was 5 weeks old...she loves to travel, too. And she loves to sit with me when I'm at my computer- actually she tries to help me type! She loves sitting on my shoulder as I walk thru the house..maybe I should have named her Polly! I hope our relationship continues to grow to one like you have with your baby! Oh, and Bandit is so beautiful!
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Welcome! Bandit is a handsome guy! Definitely looks like there is Siamese in his ancestry somewhere! He sounds like a very lucky kitty to have found you.
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Hi and welcome to The Cat Site! Bandit sure is a looker . I love snowshoe siamese cats, I really hope we get to see more pictures of him soon.
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welcome! Bandit is beautiful, and your introduction was really nice and well put. hope you enjoy your time here, its alot of fun
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Welcome! Bandit is just precious.

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*purrs* Thankyou for such a wonderful welcome! I'm sure me and Bandit will love it here. And as soon as I get some film developed I'll scan some more pictures of my fur baby. =^_^= Meow!
Peace and Love!
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Hi there Snap. Colorado Here also. Welcome to the forums! alot of nice and friendly people here. I'm sure you will Enjoy it!!!

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Just love your "sign on" name. Your kitty has a very handsome face!

I just want to warn you that this site is very addicting and you may find yourself up at weird hours just to see what is happening next!
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