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Hello! I'm new here!

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Hi! I just found this site...there's so much great stuff here! I'm the proud "mommy" of Ivy- a 9 week-old gray Tabby I found in an Ivy pot outside my parents' Louisiana home. She was so malnurished that she was not much more then a pair of eyes and ears. One look at her and my heart was her's. She was 5 weeks old then. She's such a wonderful kitty (we are working on a biting problem, though). 2 days after I found her my new husband and I drove 1300 miles to our new home in California. She did SO well, never complained about riding. I even litter box trained her in the rented moving truck; by letting her roam (WELL supervised!)

I read that cats love routine. Well, my husband and I both work- he travels quite a bit, and I rotate days and nights every few months. Any suggestions to help her cope with these changes? Another cat isn't an option- the monthly pet "rent" we pay for one is so high! Those biting issues I wrote of earlier started about a week after we got to our new place-after I went back to work. Aside from that, she's adjusted so well; I'd just like to do all I can to prevent problems.
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hello and welcome to the boards! Thank you for rescuing Ivy, you are truly her guardian angel. Biting is common in strays, there are some things that you can do to encourage her to stop. Some of those ways include blowing one soft puff of air in her face...relaxing your hand that she is biting on, and when she disengages, just walk away from her and leave her alone for about 30 minutes...screaming (shrieking) to let her know it hurts...or hissing at her when she starts to bite you.

About routine, give her routine as much as you can. Use the same food bowl, keep it in the same place when you feed. Same goes for the litter box and water bowl. Try not and change to many things on her so she can trust you.

Welcome again!
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Hi and welcome!

I'm sure the biting issue is due to the move. Everyones stress level has risen and she is feeling the pressure.

Hopfully you have started her shots and have had her wormed. In a few months you can get her spayed and she will have many wonderful years ahead of her, with a loving family.

I would place her in a room that is her safty zone. She can go here to decompress and play. It should have a cat tree for climbing, a cardboard box (cut holes in the side for her to get in , but keep the balls in too)with a few ping pong balls. a bed or crate for her to hide/sleep in, and a litter box.

While in the room no-one should go looking for her and take her out. This is her space and should be sacred. While playing look for signs of over stimulation. Tail lashing, ears back, trying to leave... These are signs to stop and let her calm down.

I hope these suggestions help.

Oh one more thing. Never de-claw your kitty as it can lead crippling the cat, death, behavior issues including biting. It is illegal in many countries as it is considered mutilation.
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Thanks for the suggestions! I did start her shots and deworming. In fact I took her to a vet the day after I found her, just for de-fleaing and a check-up. I had my last cat (who has now passed) declawed, and felt so bad for him; I'd never do that again! I'm starting her early on training- she uses her scratch post most of the time-and I'm so glad to hear about the little caps you can place on their claws if needed!

When she first started to bite, it was mainly little nips. I tried hissing, but that only worked for a few days. Now she will walk up to me and bite, much harder! I try to relax my hand, but the little thing will not let go!!
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welcome to the board!
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Welcome to you and to Ivy! Please post pictures of her when you can!
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Max will do this if he doesn't think he is getting enough attention. I blow in his face and touch him on the forehead and so "No" firmly. He will then back away and at least has the grace to look ashamed. Then after a while I'll pick him up and give him some cuddling, which is what he wanted in the first place.
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Welcome to The Cat Site! I look forward to hearing more about Ivy and maybe seeing some pictures of her.
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Welcome to TCS. Look forward to seeing pictures of Ivy!
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welcome to TCS!
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