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My cat putting a paw on my nose and mouth...

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Whenever I lay down with my kitty, she always (Not always, but mostly) Puts a paw on my mouth or nose whever I'm talking to her, Closes her eyes and just lays there, purring. She always licks me, whenever she's in a good mood, so at one point, I touched my tongue to her paw on my mouth (One word; ew), and she purred louder. Does that mean she wants me to lick her, or is she trying to push my face away. The pressure isn't really unbearable; it kinda feels like she's using my to stay there, in a way, like what a table would feel like whenever you rest your elbow on it. She isn't sliding away, or anything that would make her use me to keep her from falling off the pillow. Cats are beautiful creatures, but also very confusing!
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Welcome to TCS. Sometimes cats just like to feel a physical contact with you. My Molasses, when he is laying by me will stretch his paw over and lay it on my arm and just go to sleep that way. Its probably the same thing with your little one it just happens that its your nose/mouth. They always purr louder when they feel any kind of attention toward them. My Cinnie sleeps on my chest and shoulder as soon as I start petting her she purrs and purrs I stop she stops purring, I start petting her again and she purrs. They love that contact.
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I'll remember to give my Lilly more attention, thank you!
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It means she loves you and is grooming you - you should be honored!
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Isabella and Zoe both do this. I think it is so sweet. They do it so gently, like they know it's my face and they don't want to hurt me. Isabella, the kitten, will also stare at my eyes and try to catch my eyelids when I blink - again, soooo gently.

I think like aswient said, they do like physical contact so I think it's just Lilly wanting to be close to you.
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I have a few face patters and even more that seem determined to drown me in cat spit. Da Lip will actually go so far as to grip the tip of a finger between the pads of his front paws and Da Magpie licks my nose; the rest are content with a pat or two on the face, an arm or whatever they can reach. Your cat is just showing affection.
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The agile cat is just pointing out how slow your feeble human reflexes are, that she can punch you in the face even in slow motion.

You're supposed to dodge it.

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AWWWWW It is love. Be honored! I see this all the time amongst my cats as well. When they lay together, they are always reaching out to touch their friend. They do the same thing to me at night when we are sleeping. Wonderful sign of affection OH Welcome to the site
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Your post made me laugh. Seti does this to me too and it's all about affection for you! Seti will even gnaw on my nose (if I let him) and while it's totally weird and kind of icky I love that he loves spending time with me! Cats are SO much better than people!
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Jamie touches my mouth with his paw when he wants me to talk to him, usually when we're cuddling in bed. It took me a while to figure out that's what he wanted. He does it to my husband, too.
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It's probably a learnt action to get increased attention. You stroke her for longer because of it, right?
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