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This is Relaxed!

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This is Tater Dude. We call him Dude. I thought this was a cute picture. He was definitely relaxed! Don't ya' think?
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Not sure I have even been *that* relaxed!!!

What an adorable baby!!!!
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I loved that picture!!
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he's definitely one relaxed babe....
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What a cutie! Looks pretty comfy to me!
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I this photo!!
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Yep! That's relaxed!!
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If Tater Dude got anymore relaxed someone might mistake him for a throw pillow

Pretty kitty
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that almost makes me jealous
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Very cute!
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LOL I would pay to be able to be that relaxed.
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I am SOOOO jealous! Of him--he looks so comfy and happy--and of you--a big orange fluffy kitty!
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Great picture! You can almost hear him thinking "ahhhhh...this is the life!"
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OMG he looks like he is about to slide right off - Boy I need his secret when it comes to relaxation. Does he teach classes??
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that's one mellow kitty.
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thats about as relaxed as you can get,
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