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Things are starting to look up!

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I think things might be looking up,Ted has a interview tomorrow ,and it looks pretty ,keep your finger's crossed.And tonight I finelly sold my car! it only took me a month and got less than I wanted to,but it is sold.Keep all fingers and toes crossed for Ted.
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things are gonna be a whole lot worries!!
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YAY! Glad to hear that things are looking a bit brighter for you guys! Positive thoughts really work, huh?
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yes they do!
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Please tell Ted that I'm hoping he does a great job at the Interview and I'm sending him lots of good luck vibes! too Hon! Have you heard anything about the new Hotel?
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not yet I am calling them tomorrow,to find out that is coming down!I will tell Ted you are sending get job vibes! Thanks
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I'm glad things are looking up for you both!
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Positive Vibes headed your way for you both. Good Luck Ted Fingers, toes and even eyes will be crossed for ya
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good vibes comming your way((((( )))) hope this works out for you guys, wish ted good luck for me
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Keeping my fingers crossed for you! Let us know how it goes!
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Sending my vibes Ted's way for the interview and good luck with the call about the hotel!


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Good luck vibes heading your way. Fingers & toes all crossed for Ted.
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Sending more positive get the job vibes.
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Best wishes for getting the job!
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Any update on the interview?

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I'm sending out positive vibes for your husbands job interview.
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Yay! I'm glad things are looking up! I don't know if he had his interview yet, but I'm sending Ted good vibes either way! You are way too nice to have had such bad luck lately and you deserve for some good stuff to come your way
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tell Ted to be confident =- shake hands strongly as that means a heck of a lot and be positive. He can do it I am sure.

Glad that the car is sold - I adore my car though and cannot picture myself without it - I have a Laguna that drives like a dream. Am gonna try and drive a little tomorrow but unsure if I will be upto it. Tell Ted that if I have the confidence to get cut with the surgeon, he HAS to get that job for me to feel better.

Chin up and GO FOR IT

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I'm holding a good thought for both of you.
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Thanks eveyone,he didn't get it,but He has another interview tommorrow,at a different place.keep the finger's crossed.I sold my car,kev because it needed a lot of things,I am getting a 1995 Lumia.(sp) So I can get out a job,myself.
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Like my mother say's what's for you won't go by you!
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Hi Sherral-

Sorry about Ted not getting the first job- Try,Try & Try Again! Good Luck for the next one.

Sending Prayers,Love & Good thoughts to Ted!

I'm sorry you didn't get as much as you wanted for the car- Look forward to seeing your new wheels!

Love & Hugs Sam.
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