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pink/red growth above cat's paw?

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Hello All,

I just found a fairly large pink/red bubble/growth on just above my cat's paw on her back leg.

SHe is in good spirits, it does not seem to hurt her to apply pressure to the growth. It's not inhibiting her walking, as it's just above the paw. It feels firmish. I've applied some warm/hot towels, but it isn't having an impact. she is mostly an indoor cat...when she does go out, it is only for very brief times and I watch her closely.

I'm a little worried. Has anyone seen something like this on their baby? Please give it to me straight.

hopefully this url works....haven't done this before...

Thanks all...

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was hoping someone would be able to suggest something....can't get in to see vet or a few days...
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Sorry. No clue here. Is it definitely different than her other back leg?
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Thanks for responding. Yes, definitely different. I posted a picture on this URL. Can you see it?
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It looks a little odd. However i am not a vet. It could be that something has become embedded in there,an infection or as you suspect a growth. Could you call your vet and describe it, as you are not able to get there right away? Hope you get it sorted out soon
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thank you for your response. I am new to this area and don't have a vet. I called several vets and asked if it was possible to send a picture of the "growth", but they declined.

I was hoping that someone on this board could comment as to whether it looks like cancer or not. I can't get much more upset than I already am. No change on the 'growth' today. And at least Skinky is still happy. Mom needs valium though.
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A photo with better focus might help. There may be some little clue not visible in the original photo.
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Please try not to get too upset (hard i know!) until you get to a vet. I suppose that the vets you called didnt want to commit themselves until they had seen your cat in person.
Years ago, my cats cheek swelled up quickly in a most alarming manner. I imagined the worst of course, but it was only an absess which was soon sorted out I,m sure that a warm towel would not do any harm - unless other members have any other ideas???
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Here's another pic, hopefully has a little better focus...

Again, it feels hard, not "poppable". But - doesn't seem to be bothering her (just me!)

Thank you "Turks Rule", I will try to chill out. I am stuck in the suburbs without a car, so feeling even more helpless about the situation than I might normally feel. Will try applying more hot compresses...
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I don't know where you are located but if you are near a large city there may be a traveling vet service you could call. They charge more, of course, but they have a van all set up for basic vet care. Getting one to come visit would be very calming for you.

Can you call your vet in wherever you lived before and ask if they can look at a picture? It will have to be crisp and sharp if they can even venture a guess. And while you are talking to them - do you have copies of your kitty's records from them, to hand over to your new vet when you get one?

Calm thoughts, take a deep breath, try to relax.
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Thanks Catapult. I'm in CT/NY....I'll check into the traveling vet neighbor is pretty good about giving me rides when I need them.

She was a stray I took in a few years back in Massachusetts. I got her shots (and neutering) for the first several years, but subsequently stopped as I didn't let her out after I moved into the city. Perhaps my old vet would be open to viewing her picture.

I am concerned about costs and having a biopsy done. The vet who is closest to me, I read some negative reviews on....that he orders tons of unnecessary tests. She and I don't want that unless it is absolutely necessary.

Can't seem to get a clearer shot than what I posted, although I am going to post a full picture of what she looks like. Funny old gal that she is.
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Are you using a webcam to take the pictures? Or a regular camera? If you have a regular camera, does it have a macro function? Perhaps your neighbor has a camera with macro, that way you can get a close, clear shot of it.

Don't panic yet though! I learned that when I get upset, the cats get upset it helps it everyone is calm. for you and your kitty. She is very pretty
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Thank you for the compliment. She IS a pretty old gal.

The pics are taken with a IPhone, which usually does pretty well, but it's just hard to get something very sharp on this. Even looking at the "growth", it's difficult to see it very clearly, what with her fur and all...
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just an update...

Went to Vet and he said can't be sure it's not cancerous unless we do biopsy but his inkling was that it was a benign cyst. I am applying hot compresses and got antibiotics for her and will go back in a couple of weeks...

It did pop the other day and a dry, solid like substance came out...

So for now, a little relieved!

Thanks to everyone who responded with your kind words...
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If it was a white, cheesy substance, then it was a sebaceous cyst. Very common on cats, and some cats seem to have a lot of them. No cancer would behave like that, so I'm pretty sure you're safe.

I'm glad things are looking good for her.
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That looks exactly like what my dog Wilbur gets on his paws just above the toes. On him it was a histiocytoma and cats can get them too. They can get inflammed and pop, as you said already happened. You can have them surgically removed, BUT not necessary. These will usually disappear after about three months all on their own. They are painless, benign skin tumor/growths. I cannot say for sure this is what your cat has, but it sure looks like a histiocytoma.
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I'm having the same problem with my cat as Laura has had with hers. Is her cat okay now?

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My cat has the same exact pink mole looking thing for much longer than three months. Same exact spot. No pain. seems like a hard mole.Closer to a year. It looks identicle to your cats pink bump. It is defenetly growing. What did the vet say???

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My cat has the same exact pink mole looking thing for much longer than three months. Same exact spot. No pain. seems like a hard mole.Closer to a year. It looks identicle to your cats pink bump. It is defenetly growing. What did the vet say???

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My cat has developed one of these on his back paw.  He's had it at least 4 months.  Did the warm compresses help it to open up?  I have not consulted a vet yet because of financial reasons, but need some advice.  Did it go away after it opened?  Thanks

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Tracee and Beck55, the last post from the original poster was over a year ago, so she probably will not be responding to your questions. 

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my cat has something like that but its inside of her back toe also it has like eaten the pad off that was on that same toe. im really worried because its not hurting her that I can tell but every time I turn around she's licking and biting that toe. so if anybody has any idea what it is please tell me.
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My cat has a weird bump like thing too, unfortunately the pictures did not show up for me. It is pink on the top and has red near the bottom.
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Originally Posted by emgent56 View Post

My cat has a weird bump like thing too, unfortunately the pictures did not show up for me. It is pink on the top and has red near the bottom.



Please take your cat to the vet for an exam. Unusual growths and lumps need vet attention.


My previous cat had a lump on his paw. The vet did a biopsy and it turned out to be trichoblastoma, a type of benign skin tumor. The vet was able to surgically remove the tumor with clean margins. This may or may not be what your cat has. Only the vet can determine what it is and the best way to treat it.

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