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Lonely cat

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Hi. I have been here before about my cats meowing. The poor thing has been moved a couple of times and had playmates and no longer does. i cant have another cat, the landlord wont allow it. so my cat has seperation anxiety and meows a lot. Should i get a fish tank for him? and how are the cat video's, any recommended?
please help my lonely cat!
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Our cats love our fish tank. Maybe that would help?

Poor thing, hopefully you can find something to keep him busy. Do he have a cat tree and toys to entertain him?
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i have so many toys! he is very uninterested in them, always has been. im tired of spending $$ on toys that are wasted. i will try a small tank then. is your tank at arms length to your cat? or way up high? i dont know where to put it, i want him to see it.
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another alternative is to put his cat tree by the window and put a bird feeder outside for him to watch.
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LOL! I agree with Hissy about setting up a cat tree or seat near a birdfeeder!

I have a window sill seat for cats in front of a window and there's a birdfeeder in front of the window. It's really funny to see all 4 cats crowded on this seat staring, meowing funny and tails swishing in union as they drool over birds and squirrells eating the birdseeds!

That will keep your cat BUSY while u're gone.
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Hi. my cat has window seats. I just wanted to know if buying setting up a fish tank would be good for him? or would it be a waste of money?
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Mine would spent hours watching the fish for weeks at a time, then forget it for a little while. It was definitely worth having, though.
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thanks so much! I will get one!
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