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Kitty attitude!

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Hubby and I were gone for the weekend and left our cats here with plenty of food and water. Boy, when we got home they gave us some serious attitude! They were mad at us for being gone so long and frankly were not feeling very snuggley thank you! lol Well today I came home from work and I can't peal my little male, Jake, off of me. He is here watching me type and has followed me everywhere since I got home. We couldn't wait to get home last night to see them. We placed bets on whether they'd have "sleepy-face" when we walked in or not.
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That is cute my cat wendy does that too f im gone all day she is under my feet talking to me (meOWING) she is a very vocal cat but that is cute they gave you attatudes thats cute
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We had to go away for a long weekend -the first time we've not been with our cats since we had them (apart from work, though we mostly work from home). Two of them have been with us a little over a year, and the other two since Winter/Spring. We had to put them in a boarding facility. We found a great one! ...and they hid all weekend. Boy did they want LOTS of love when we all got home!!!!!!

I hate to be a nag.... but it really is best to get a petsitter to check in on your cats, even if it's just a weekend. There are so many things that could go wrong... and the poor things have to use dirty litter boxes. If you don't have a friend close by who can look in on them, or a neighbor who can do it, try checking with your vet's assistants. Our vet's assistants all pet sit. They charge per visit and will stop by as many times a day as you want.

(In the adoption agreement we use for people adopting rescues from us, they have to agree not to leave their cats unattended for more than 24 hours. It just isn't safe!)
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How funny!
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Awwwwwww! How sweet!!

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I've been traveling around alot for the summer with my mommy and daddy. And i have my aunt watch my cat! He's usaully good while we're gone!!! But when we got back.... He meows so much then when you sit down he goes and sits down with you or snuggles and falls asleep. It's really Quite Cute!!! He's very funny!! I'm his mommy so.... he really misses me! :blossom: :girlie: :chicken: :goodbad: :icecream:
I miss him dearly too....!!!
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that is so sweet, they missed you, isnt their love just the best
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