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Home again

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Well, I have been home a couple of hours and to be honest, it was not that bad - however, I am pumped on Tylenol at the moment and will possibly need more as the night goes on.

I think I lost my dignity for sure and have no idea how you women cope with the procedures you haev to undergo - you get my vote anyday - however, the worst bit was the local anesthetic and that really made my eyes water, then it had not worked enough and I felt the initial incision - however, another needle of the numbing fluid and all was well. It went quicker than i thought, although had complications on one side that led to a hell of a lot of blood loss - bp dropped a bit but I was fine.

I just lay there trying to concentrate on various things - controlled breathing by thinking you are breathing in a blue mist. I thought of my wife, my work mates, our son and as silly as it is - you lot - all of you.

You realise the value of friends when laid there and have a surgeon looking at you through glasses.

The loss of blood and bp gave me a blistering headache and I am bordering a migraine - so am gonna go do as my wife says, leave this keyboard alone for today and goto bed.

I just wanted to say thanks to you all for support and let you know am little light headed and headachy and getting very sore - but am home safe and well and am gonna rest. Am typing side ways with feet up - damned near impossible for me.

Take care guys - I am off to bed and if Brandy smiles at me one more time, I will remove each tabby stripe as I swear he knows and hes laughing!
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Kev, here's some good thoughts for a speedy recovery. Brandy is probably thinking he knows how you feel. (Paybacks are a b*!*! after all ) Take care of yourself and feel better soon.
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Hope the pain goes away soon!!! And I hope one day my hubby is as brave as you
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Kudos to you for undergoing this obviously painful procedure.

Mega hugs to you and rest well and dont forget those peas!

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I hope you have a speedy recovery! Come back to TCS soon!
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Two words: ICE PACK!
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Glad you're all done and home and resting. How are the peas working our for ya?
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Glad to hear you're doing well! Hope the pain diminishes and you're feeling tip-top in no time!
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Kev, I admire you for going through that procedure. Like I have said before "YOU DA MAN" Hope your recovery is quick and painless. Get some rest!

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wishing you a speed recovery and no more pain :angel2:
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Hope you feel better REAL soon!
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Kev, glad to hear that you survived! Take it easy for the next couple of days.

I think it's awfully sweet that you were willingly to go under the knife for you wife's health. Now that is true love!

Don't give Brandy to much hell...he still got the worse end of it. At least they didn't remove your ENTIRE manhood!

Take care Bud...hope you're feeling better soon!
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I think we will nominate you as the TCS spay/neuter spokesman! From one who has endured childbirth, I admire your guts and also putting your wife's health first. Way to go!
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Here's wishing you a rapid recovery.
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Originally posted by blondiecat
Kev, I admire you for going through that procedure. Like I have said before "YOU DA MAN" Hope your recovery is quick and painless. Get some rest!

<------ What she said( Cathi )
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My boss is having this same procedure next month. Are there any bits of information you care to share with him?
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Its the thinking that is far worse than the act - believe me. I tortured myself thinking about what was going to happen and when it did happen, twas nowt.

Tell him to relax, the worst thing is the prick (why do I just know that some of them are smiling at that comment??) when they give you the local anesthetic into, well you know. It takes seconds to work and before you know it - one side has been done and you are on part 2!
There is a little blood but you dont see any of it, and as you lay there thinking of England/USA, it just kind of happens and you get done. Its very quick - 20 mins that flies by.

The only part I was terrified of was laying there in the pink and crinklies and then thinking thoughts like "dont think of Pamela Anderson, dont thing of Pamela Anderson" as it could be embarrasing.

I knew it was cold and so did the surgeon when he put his magnifying glasses on. I thought everything had vanished, turned out he was short sighted and that is the last thing you need.

Anyway, tell your boss that if he has it done at the start of the week, to take the full week off. I have and dont regret it at all. Tell him to expect swelling of all the bits (I asked the surgeon on behalf of my wife if he could cure the pain and keep the swelling - he did not see the funny side of it!). Also there is a substantial amount of bruising, think of a couple of blueberries hanging and you will get the idea.

Other than that , its been a little uncomfortable - tell him not to make the same mistake I have and I have driven yesterday and today and that has hurt. Pain killers and Ice have helped me and thats all there is to it. That and a lot of rest.

I did it for my wife and her health, such is the way i feel about her and for the future- I dont regret a second of it so far.

One thing I have found 100 per cent amazing though, all the men you talk to back off when you say what you are about to have done. They state "NOT ME"
I have not met a single woman either on this site or at work that do not support what I have done. Strange huh - i wonder why???? The women on here have been incredibly supportive and that has helped me massively.

For once it takes the onus off a woman and surely that has to be fair at the end of the day. A man cannot expect a woman to be on the pill or be responsible for contraception for all her life. Doing this gives both partners the freedom to not have to worry about little juniors for the future. My wife certainly seems to have found a new love for me and once I am clear - in a few months and please no one take it personally or that i am being rude, I cannot wait for those intimate moments with her.

Tell him its nothing - "Its a snip"
Sat with feet up and looking forward to a salad for dinner
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He is also doing this for his wife. He said she gave him three wonderful children, they don't want to have any more little ones and this is the least he can do. It is so refreshing to know that there are men out there that really care what their wives go through. My hat goes off to the both of you.
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Kev! It takes a strong man to have his privates messed with for his wife! I salute you!
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One thing--if your doctor didn't tell you this--don't have sex with your wife as soon as you are able as you will still have some viable sperm (they come from the vas deferens themselves). Our doctor told my ex to jack off every day for a week and then it should be "safe". Some doctors say a couple of times is sufficient.

I know this was a little crude, but I didn't anything to happen because of the reason you went through this procedure.
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