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help cats and dogs in israel-urgent

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Hello everyone!
Im sorry to write the following.
Due to the situation in Israel the animal shelter in Atarot is in trouble. It is located in an area that the access to is dangerous now with the situation in Israel. Because of that almost all the workers of the shelter have left and the vets clinic, that used to be a main source of income has closed due to the fact that people stopped coming and the vet left out of fear of risking her life getting there.
Even worse, dogs and cats have hardly been rehomed in this period (since September).
Because of all the above the animal shelter is in big financial problems. The city municipality doesn’t help financially the shelter. It also failed to provide an alternative, more accessible, location for the shelter. More over the city’s vet is a strong believer of putting stray dogs to sleep, which he explains, by use of fear, that these dogs come from the Arab villages around and are sick and a threat to the public.
If there won’t be any change, more than 180 dogs and 80 cats are in risk of being put to sleep.
It would be a huge help if you could write a letter to the mayor- Olmert, and to the secretary of tourism. Please write that you were thinking visiting Israel and Jerusalem, but due to Jerusalem’s policy you are thinking twice about it.
Im adding olmerts E-mail & FAX.



Thank you
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I was thinking of posting this myself in the SOS forum. The city of Jersulaem's attitude to cats and dogs is appalling! They have a mean vet who is always on the lookout for stray dogs and stray/feral cats and the only way he knows how to deal with them is to kill them!

They're horrible! A few months ago, the Hebrew university in Jerusalem complained they had a problem of stray cats on the campus. The city sent in catchers and caught 11 cats, many of which were perfectly adoptable strays. The Cat welfare society intervened (after they got calls from students) and said they are willing to take the cats and carry out a spay and neuter project on campus. They were willing to send their people and take the cats to their no-kill shelter at no cost! Those :censor::censor::censor::censor::censor::censor::censor:s in the Jerusalem municipality would not hear of it and they killed the cats within 48 hours!!! Can you believe this atrocity!

Just to let you know, more and more cities and municipalities are opting for no-kill TNR programs in Israel. The city of Tel Aviv catches, spays and neuters colonies of ferals for free (have been doing so for several years now), and I'm happy to see that more cities are following (of course too few...).

The point is that those awful people in Jerusalem don't do it because they're not aware of other options. Their vet just isn't an animal person and I suspect he particularly hates cats.

So, by all means, email the mayor and give him a piece of your mind. And ask everyone you know to do so.

By the way, I've just noticed that you double posted on this in the SOS forum. I'll delete the other posts and move this thread over there.
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I am so very sad to hear of the treatment of the animals right now in that part of Israel!! I will pray for them, and for all of Israel.
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