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Ghostly happenings...

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Ok, I'm convinced theres a spirit in our house. Besides the cats responding to it, I have felt it myself as well. It appears to be pretty localized to the back stairs... I would like to know if anyone has any ideas on how I can communicate with this spirit to ask it why its 'haunting' this area of my house. It scares people who are in my home when I'm not here (I had a carpenter replace a floor while I was at work- and he said things were falling off the wall in that part of the house, and thumping was going on)

Is this spirit trying to tell me something? I have a suspicion that something bad once happened here involving those stairs.

Any ideas?
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The first thing I would do is research on the house. Find out how old the house is and who lived there before you. Look up any and all newspaper articles on deaths in the house or even murders.

What ever you do, do not try and make contact with this spirit until you know if it's friendly or evil. If it's evil you will have a lot of trouble. Contact someone in the field of haunted houses and such. I'm sure that they will be very willing to help.

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I've got to pick up some batteries for my digital- but I will post some as soon as I can. I'm in the process of redecorating the back hall and stair area (wallpapering and painting)- maybe I'm disturbing the spirit?

Do you think something might show up in the picture?

My landlords father lived here for many years, but they have had tenants renting the place for a few years. Maybe I could talk to him about the houses history.
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ahhh changing stuff gets them everytime! Just have a talk and tell them that the way the house was was nice but since you are living there now you want to change things around alittle bit. we had to have a talk with our house ghost and after we did we didn't have any problems. Our tools kept being moved before we had the talk!! Camera sometimes pick something up. You can see an orb in some pics.
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I've done so much remodeling in this place, this is the first time I've had any issues with it, spirit wise. I'm just curious as to why it only seems present around the stairs. I'm puzzled
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I think it's cool.
I'm not a ghost expert. . . perhaps a medium or other person with the ability to communicate with the dead could help?

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I think Val had the right idea-go to the steps area and explain what you are doing. And if the disturbances get too bad, in a firm voice tell it to leave you alone-from what I've read this can often reduce the manifestations. Researching the history of the house should give you an idea of why the spirit is there, and give you an idea of how to approach it.

This is a good website for information on ghosts and hauntings. The homepage is a little busy, but look at the links along the left side. There is one named "Ghost Hunting 101" (or something like that), which should perhaps help you with your visitor.
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