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hi, i'm new

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hi cat lovers!

my name is evi, and i've just come across your site and joined up! i am the proud human companion two 2 cats and a dog. the cats are Prince Caspian and Kaibab, the dog is Baker.

i have posted a question about my cats in the behaviour forum. they eat each-other's foods.

hoping to meet a lot of great cat people!!
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welcome to the board!!!
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it took about 5 days for caspain (the big one) to figure out that kaibab (the kitten) wasn't *really* trying to kill him. now they are buddies...........
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awwww how adorable!
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Hello Evi and Welcome!

I'm new to the site as well, haven't been a member long and the advice is fantastic! The people here are really cool. I've never met such loving and devoted people when it comes to their kittens and their cats!

You're going to love it here, I know I do!

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April, I'm glad the site has been of help! Evi - she's right! I found some kittens in my yard one day last summer and didn't know what to do... 3,977 (or so) posts later... and I'm still here (and they are all pets - either of ours or adopted out!) Watch out for this place! We're crazy about our cats, LOL!

Hope you get the help you need... and try checking out some of the other forums. You might have some fun along the way, too!!! (Caption This is a riot, and the Cat Lounge is a lot of fun... but if you're up for more intellectual fare, give IMO a try...)

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Hi Evi! Welcome to TCS!

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Welcome aboard Evi
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Welcome Evi , I am so happy you found this wonderfull site all about cats This site is also a site of caring and loving to one a other , I have never seen any thing like that before .
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welcome to our humble home!
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Welcome to The Cat Site! The picture that you posted is so cute Your kitties are very cute.
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hi there and welcome to the site, you will meet some very nice people here, i have. enjoy your time,btw, your kitties are soooo cute
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Hi- Welcome to the boards. Hope you come join us in the lounge soon where we have so much fun!

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hi! Your cats are so sweet! welcome to TCS!
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