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Mom of many, thanks for the advice, it's great to hear your view on things. I didn't consider that the mom might teach the kittens her ferals ways if left with her too long. I also worry that she will be too stressed to properly care for the kittens. My hope is that in the short time Raku is there she'll learn to trust us, as she trusted me pretty quickly (but that was on her terms in her territory). The person I talked to at Fix Our Ferals actually said it would be okay to take the kittens at 3 weeks, which seemed quite early but she was saying that at least the kits would be familiar with people. I won't be doing that, but again it was good to hear another view. I guess in her situation you have to get the cats in and out as quick as possible because there's always more to help. For us, we have ample time so we'll play it by ear.

I did warn my friend not to approach Raku, and to basically leave her alone because she is liable to strike out. I'm itching to get off of work so I can stop by with a full supply of kitten food and to check up on her. I REALLY hope she used the litter box!
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To further explain my comment on "ferals don't always catch enough to feed their young": my current queen is given all the catfood she can eat but actually prefers to hunt for mice to give to her young.

If she is calm once her kittens are delivered and is relatively stress free while she nurses, by all means keep them together for the full 12 weeks. Just interject yourselves on those little guys as often as possible - even if mom isn't keen on humans, get those babies to love you.

3 weeks is too young for separation, unless you want to take full responsibility for feeding, elimination, grooming, litter box training, etc. It's a 24X7 job that you must commit to. We've done it when a mom died, and while highly educational, not recommended if there are other options. Imagine 4 squirmy restless bundles of fur needing to poop all at the same time, and only YOU can help them. Yup, 3 weeks is too young for separation. LOL
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I found this website today on tips to socializing feral kittens. Some good information here.

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Thanks for the link, I'll pass it on to my friends as well. Just a brief progress report; Raku didn't eat or drink all day! She also didn't use the litter box. I'm not shocked, though. I understand that even under the best circumstances a cat won't do anything for a couple of days due to stress. My friends went in a couple of times and talked softly to Raku, but she's just terrified. When I went in to give her more food, she was hiding behind the toilet, her rear facing me. I was pretty bummed. I hope she comes around soon. At what point should I worry? Oh, they offered her tuna, just to try to jump start her appetite, but to no avail.
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Glen - sorry for being a dummy, but isn't your friend's wife a vet assistant?

Being pregnant, she needs to eat. And especially under stress, cats dehydrate quickly. I assume she's been eating or drinking by now?
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Laurie, she used to be a vet tech when she still lived in Seattle. But, that's a moot point. Raku got out of their house! I TOLD them to keep all doors and windows closed because she would try her best to get out. They just told me today when I saw them at church. Apparently she escaped on Wednesday (not sure why they didn't give me a call). They said a window was open and that's how she got out. I was pretty pissed, but at the same time they were nice enough to open up their home as a favor to me so I can't really be too mad at them. It was a mistake.

This is definately the worst case scenario; she's out in unfamiliar territory and she's more pregnant than ever AND she knows the humane trap, so I don't think that's going to work again. The only good news is that my friends put out food and water, and something is eating all the food at night. They said that there aren't many cats around that area, so there's a good chance it's Raku eating it. I really hope she's staying around, though traditional wisdom says she'll try to head back to her original territory (it's about 20 miles away!). I'm thinking of making a drop trap and getting her back inside that way if she's still around. This is so frustrating; I finally was able to trap her and I actually found a place for her to give birth, and now this happens.

Well, being a Christian, I have to believe that God has a plan for this cat. I don't think I would have come this far just to lose it all because of an open window. Maybe by escaping briefly she at least starting eating again. I don't know, I'm still in a state of disbelief.
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Oh No Glen- I have been following this thread but haven't replied.

I have no experience with ferals but have been breeding persian cats since 1999 so no alot about birthing kittens.

Raku is such a cutie and I'm so sorry she escaped, I would be pretty pissed at your mates as well.. I mean you went thru all that stress and then she escaped.. gawd!

I'll keep her in my thoughts and pray you catch her again.

Keep Us Updated & Good Luck

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Glen , I am sorry to read that she escaped .I think it is good that your friends are feeding outsite , It may be her eating . Lets hope she is eating there . Maybe one day she will bring the kittens there to feed und you all will have a change to catch the kittens some how .My prayers are with her and her kittens
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Yeah, it sucks. I put a lot of effort in to trap her and was so excited that I found a place for her to stay. However, in the three days she was there she didn't eat anything. It's possible that she's so feral that she just can't handle being inside at all. I really hope she's the one eating; if it were me, I would be looking out the window at all hours to make sure it's her eating.

At this point, I just don't think bringing her back in is the right thing to do, if she's going to be so stressed she won't eat. I guess the next best option is to wait for her to bring her kittens around and then snatch them up and try as much as possible to socialize them. I still think that it was good to relocate her, because if I can get the kittens that's where'd they'd go anyway.
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Mmmmm So True.

I hope Raku is one eating the food and your friends see the kittens- Hope yah catch them.

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(((((Hugs))))) I am so, so sorry to hear this. Poor Raku. I hope she's the one eating, too. Oh God, it's so sad! You worked so hard to help her.

Please keep us posted if there's any news.

Again, (((((Hugs)))))

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