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Slow birthing of kittens ... range of time between births of kittens in a litter?

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Hi all,

New to the site/forum -- I can do an "intro" later, but right now I have kittens coming!

I have "Googled" my question(s) but I have not yet come across good info.

The first kitten was born last night at about 11:45 PM. I thought for sure the next one would come along in an hour or so (what do I know?), but it didn't. No new 2nd kitten this morning, either. Finally, at noon today, I checked on Bella (mom cat) and she had birthed a 2nd kitten -- I'm guessing around 12 hours after the first one (judging by how it was still damp etc.).

12 hours apart seems like a long time; some Google results indicated that kittens should be birthed a short time in between. However, the first kitten had no problems coming out, is fine and is now plump with mom's milk. Ditto for the 2nd cat, including NO problems noticed.

Bella is still really big, and feeling her tummy, you can feel other kittens inside (I'd say at least 2 more).

With everything going well, with both the births and the kittens themselves, is there any real concern? Bella meowed somewhat while giving birth, but both times she has returned to being very content, purring, no problems while NOT birthing, etc. And up to this moment, the kittens are doing fine, eating (and mewing) a lot and now sleeping peacefully.

Thoughts? Thanks in advance!

- Dave G.
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I just found a site that says if the labor lasts over 7 hours, to take the cat to the vet.

I would do that. You don't want anything to happen to your momma or her little ones.

I hope all is alright. for mom and her babies.
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Hi and welcome to the site. I would call a vet if you have any concerns at all about this. I have heard of mother cats holding off birthing anymore kittens if they feel a threat is near. But this does not sound like an issue at all. Hopefully others will read your thread and offer suggestions and help. I would call the vet though anyway. for mom and babies
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Thanks for the comments, guys. Well, it's been about 22 hours since the 2nd kitten was born, BUT .... I'm just not sure she (Bella, the mom cat) has any more.

She seems very calm and content, purring, etc. and no evidence of any pain, discomfort or problems. She still looks a bit 'plump,' but I'm having doubts that there are any kittens remaining. If she did, I think she'd be in real trouble at this point, but as I said, she's calm, happy and purring, and the new little kitties are nursing just fine. I'll keep an eye on her.

Thanks again,
Dave G.
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I would agree that she does not have any more kittens to birth. Good luck with mom and kittens. Is mom getting spayed now? Hope all goes well with the babies.
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Hi and welcome! Sometimes it depends on what happened when she mated. If she mated with more than one tom over a period of two or more days, which can happen, then kittens may be born a day or more apart. But from what you say, I suspect that she has finished and will be a good mom to t he two she has.

Post some pix when you can
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If you go back and read through many of these threads about kitten birthing, you'll find virtually every one of them says, "I think there's still more, I can even feel them moving." But there usually aren't.

If there are, it is a medical emergency.
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