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Question for owners of 8+ cats?

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I am just curious to know what the secret is if any to keeping down the cat hair to an acceptable level in your house is? About how manys times do you have to vaccuum your rugs and couches a week? Is it possible for a guest to come over with black pants on and you be pretty sure that the guest will be able to leave without their clothes being full of feline fur? I have 3 cats...and am thinking about rescueing a 4th from a shelter. My fur level in my house is kinda high now but exceptable to me. I am not the cleanest person around trust me. I know that it is not going to get any better adding another cat or two. This may sound like silly questions.....but I really would like to know.
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I use a horse brush to comb out my chairs and couches. I run my blankets in the dryer with a wet Bounce sheet prior to washing to pick up the extra hair, then I launder.

I use a Kirby vacuum at least twice a day and though the attachments are a pain, they are great for getting up hair.

I also groom my cats outside with a zoom groom and run a city kitty ionic litter box air filter to cut down on the dander and hair.
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I try to brush the cats. I have throw blankets on the couch and wash them once a week. I really don't have too much of a hair problem. When company is coming a brush the cats, vacumm, use lint brushes on the sofas and take off the throws and spray the allergie reducing febreeze. Actually 8 isn't much more work then too. Just more scooping, and more feeding. It is AWFUL when they all get sick though!
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When you find a way to get rid of cat hair, please let me know

We brush the cats almost every day. We change the sheets and comforter weekly. We vaccuum the rug, hardwood floors, tile floors, and furniture, as well as the staircases to the attic and basement, all at least three times a week. Having 2 longhaired cats and 2 medium haired doesn't help matters. I swear Sasha (our Ragdoll) sheds enough for 3 or 4 cats, despite daily brushing.
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My house would probably be unacceptible to most. It is a shedder's paradise. People KNOW not to where black if they come here! But it is MY house, and other than a bit of fur, and possibly some scattered litter, it clean........well, it might be a bit dusty, too.
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I've taken to wearing a lot of leopard print. It goes with the general feline theme here at home, plus fur shows up less on prints than on solids.
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