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Jury Duty

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anyone ever been called for it?
I did a few years ago about a week before I gave birth to Amber, so obviously I had to tell them I couldn't..I think it would be kinda neat to do it though....
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I just served a week on a child molestation case.
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My dad was called last year too. It's was a child molestation case too. He said it was really hard to do with out jumping to conclusions that he was guilty. Due to the lack of evidence, this guy was found not guilty even though everyone thought he was. Dad said he'd never want to do it again.

I too think it would be a interesting experience, but I'd hate to be a juror on a murder case or child molestation. Sometimes I am not open minded when it comes to those things.
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That's the same thing that happened in the case I served on. You have to go by the law.
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I've been to jury duty a couple of times. I hate it lol. Once I was called to the Federal Court for jury duty and I swear I didnt understand a word they were talking about about the case So I decided to tell them that, and they immediately excused me
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i have been called 3 times, and i got out of it all 3, the first case was a vechicler homicide case, i knew the guy that was killed he was my neighbor, so i was dismissed, the second one, they seated a jury before i got picked, the 3rd one i was related to the defense attorney, so out again, can you believe my luck, but im glad, i wouldnt want to serve, i like to observe courtroom cases that are interseting, but not have to make the decision of guilty or innocent, i have set in on 3 cases, one murder case and one theft case and one domistic vilonce case, all three were interesting. if i had been smart enough, that is what i would of liked to done, be a lawyer or go into crimal science, but im not so i can forget that
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I was summoned and they asked for vollenteers so, I raised my hand. We got to do a survey and were excused until next year.
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I was summoned a little over 3 years ago. I never was picked for a jury... well I was, but was dismissed for some reason. All I remember was being very bored for the entire week.
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Jury duty sounds cool!
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I was called on once but because of the fact that My dad was a cop for almost 30 years I got out of it cause I Knew the officer. But if I get called again I have to make sure I tell them that I am parcial to the law enforcement. in other words I got for the cops every time
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That doesn't always work.

In the case I served on you would have thought that I wouldn't have been chosen because my son is a first grader and the defendant was a first grade teacher. I've also known several people involved in child molestation cases (on the victim's side) and I even had a teacher convicted of statutory rape, but I still got picked.

It was interesting. The case came down to whether the victim was telling the truth or not and you just couldn't tell because she was lying throughout most of her testimony. She was 18 by the time of the case and you'd think she would have known to get her story straight. Anyhow, we thought something had actually happened, but there was no proof so we voted not guilty.
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Been called twice didn't serve either time. 1st time I was one of the 1st thrown off the jury 2nd time they wanted to send me ten buck two, me with no car.
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