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fat lip

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One of my cats has a fat bottom lip, and what looks like a sore on the bottom of his chin, maybe like the other cat bit him. Could this be something that I definitely need to take him to the vet for, or will it clear up?
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Probably. Mickey had allergic dermatitis several months back, and half his mouth was swollen. He was given a shot of something - I can't remember if it was an antibiotic or steroid - and it cleared right up. I was told to get rid of plastic bowls and buy stainless or glass. It hasn't come back.
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They eat out of glass bowls.
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It's really hard to say what it could be without seeing the cat. The only thing I can think of that comes to be on the chin is feline acne, but as your cats eat out of glass bowls and it actually has a "fat lip" I doubt that's what it is. I would get your kitty checked out just in case it's something serious or your cat is in pain. He could need some ointment and time for it clear up at best.
The only thing similar I've known a cat to have was a cyst on the lower cheek with a sore from the cat scratching out of irritation. That cat of course needed surgery.

Basically it's hard to tell with these things and I advise a vet visit.
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will call the vet in the morning, hopefully get an appointment for before work, if not, I'll go Thursday.
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Sounds good. To me it doesn't sound like an emergency vet thing- just get him in soon just in case.
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I've got an appointment for tomorrow morning, they said it may be an abscess.
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Its called a rodent Ulcer and its from Allergies. My Cinnie gets it periodically. I pat it with warm water. It does go away on its own. But you could bring him in if you are concerned avout it. If you do a search, there are other postings on it.
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It does sound like an absess or ulcer. Good luck at the vet's office and I am sure they will give you something to clear it right up.
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a pic of it, i don't think its the ulcer, at least from what i've been googling.
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Turns out, Rory's fat lip was just from being bitten by Rudy. All is good and healing well.
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Oh, I'm glad he's okay and healing!
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Can anyone tell me what this is please? It begun swelling four days ago following a graze to my cats lip. It's not quite large along his bottom jaw and a pinky white colour with a small pimpled white head on his bottom lip.
Any answers appreciated. Thank you smile.gif
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