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How do I know if I have a MANX

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Ok heres the story, some friends of my uncle were giving away kittens(6weeks) yes i know its young, but they seem to be pretty weaned. They know how to use litter box, play, climb, groom, etc.

I picked 2 kittens, both boys. One has siamese coloring (cream colored, with darker grey on ears, tail) The other looks like a normal tabby but has no tail. If I feel around, I feel a little cartlidge torwards top, but at the base, its as if it has one bone or something. Feels weird.

I wanna say 5 kittens had tails, and 3 had no tails. Whats worying me is I read MANX have problems. He seems to do poopoo ok and he loves to play... Should I be worried? I dont want to take him back because he and his brother are pals. They look out for each other and I'm attached to him already. His body is smaller than his brothers, shorter in length.

What are some signes I should be looking for to see if he has this manx syndrome?

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I have always thought of Manx as describing a tailless cat, which is what your little guy is. HOWEVER, I may be wrong. Manx may be considered a breed and not a description. I would think that the breeders on the board would be able to answer this.

BTW, your little guys are adorable! What are their names?
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I think manx is a breed. If the kitty is nor a pure breed he is not a manx, but it looks like he has manx blood for sure. What kind of cat was the mom and dad?
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To be honest, i have no idea. Where I picked them up, they were all outside, so they're outside cats. The Mother was just your ordinary tabby colored female with a tail. It looked like the manx one i have, that coloration. There was another cat that looked similar only it had no tail, or was stubby type but was older, it may have been father or may not.

I dont really care about what breed it is, I love cats period, I just never knew about these type of dangers etc. First MANX type cat I've ever had. I just dont want to have to put it down later down the road in like a few months etc.
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If you take the kittens to the vet for a checkup and their kitten shots, he should be able to tell you if the one without a tail seems to have any nerve problems or not (That is the problem with some manx cats). Best of luck!
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Manx cats are a particular breed of cat, that are characterized by, among other things, being tail-less.

From the pictures, it is doubtfull that what you have is a manx, and if everything is going well with them, then I wouldn't worry.

We have 2 Manx, born with their tails, and they have been great cats!
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What cuties you've got!

As for them being tail less, could that have been a birth defect? From what I can tell in the pictures, it looks like there's a little nub of a tail or is that just a poof of fur?

Just curious...
I don't think I've ever seen a cat with out a tail!
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- Your two kittens are very cute. I would say from the colorings of the pale colored kitten that there might be some pedigree in those genes, you rarely see pointed domestic cats , so perhaps the father could have been pointed? or the mother a colorpoint carrier.

-Manx is a breed and the Manx Cat MUST conform to the standard - the total give away that your kitten isn't manx is it's very large ears - Manx ears are generally meduim in size, Manx cats also walk more with a rabbit gait does his two hind legs seem to be a bit taller then the front two? Also the coloring of your kitten, white tooties, definite no,no.

- There are different types of Manx - Total tailess , without any 'bob' there. Stumpy - a small stump is present and manx with tails which can be shown in a seperate class, like Scottish Folds with ears.

-Wow, 8 kittens that's quite a few, I hope they all found good homes.

-It's also normal to have a kitten born without a tail , although if it's NOT a manx can cause many health problems, balance, nerve damage etc etc. My main advice would be to take these kittens to the vet and I sincerely hope you are feeding them a good kitten milk , at 6 weeks my persians aren't weaned, can't use the litter box and definitly still need there mother, It would have been better if you had taken the whole litter to the vets or rescue centre before they went to a loving home

-Don't get me wrong I bet you love these kittens but I'm just worried about their age, if you need any more help feel free to ask, I think I have rambled on enough for one night. BTW What are these 2 cuties names?

- Sam(13) -
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I'm going to name the cream colored one "Deamon" because his eyes are blue, but his PUPILS reflect RED in the light. Looks evil .

The other I still havent decided. I'm one who believes when you hear a name you KNOW ITS the one for it. I just havent got that feeling for the little tail-less one.
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The little kitten with the Siamese markings is the one who's eyes reflect red, right? That is typical of Siamese cats. I would say that that kitten definately has Siamese blood in him. I know he's not a pure bred, but that doesn't mean the father isn't a Siamese cat.

The other one does look like it's father may have been a Manx. When I was a child, we had a pure bred Manx, and not only didn't he have a tail, but he had longer back legs, almost like a rabbit. Does your kitten have longer back legs?
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The tail-less one seems to have normal legs.
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Hey- You didn't answer any of my quries.
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I don't know what kind his parents were so I was doubtful about him being a Manx. He does have the taller hind legs and his ears are not like my other cats. He's also a spotted black, reddish-brown gray color. One of his vets says that he could be a shorthair "American Bobtail". I did a search online and found some images and he looks exactly like this one...
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