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I was so happy!

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Finally something good in my life happened.

It may not mean much to you but it means the world to me!

I started college this year ( I'm in 9th Year) and I have made lots of friends already, but those friendss obvoisely aren't good enough to invite me to their parties( ) ..LOL but Last Night my friend Lisa in my class, invited me to her Birthday on the 28th of August and to her house this wednesday how cool is that?!!!!??!!!??! I was rapt!

Maybe my lifes turning around- and good things are going to happen!
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I know that's exciting at your age and I'm really happy for you. If you're in your ninth year, I think we call that High School here in the US. You're 14 or so, right?

I think it's interesting knowing the different ways education is wrought in the world.
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Thanks Erika. Yeah I'm 13- and I'm in College.

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That's great, Sam! Have a blast! About time you had some good stuff going on!
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Yeah! Sam.....Go Sam....Go Sam....Go Sam. That is great to hear
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hope you have lots of fun!
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Sam, I hope you have a blast at the party! I remember being your age and how hard it was to have good friends. A lot of it has to do with age and you will understand that when you get a bit older. I'm so happy to see you bursting at the seams with joy! Girl, you've had some crappy times lately and you deserve to have some happiness.

Now, go to that party & have a grand ol' time, ok?
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Wow Sam!! You are something else, girl!! That is fantastic!
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Have some fun, you deserve it.
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I sure hope you have fun..I remember at that age how mean some people can be, but there are some nice ones out there!
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im happy for ya sam, hope you have alot of fun, let us know all about it.
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hey Sam,

That is great! I am glad you were included in the party plans. I hope the party is everything you need it to be, and then some. Let us know how it goes for you.
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OhMy Thanks everybody it means so much to me!

I'll tell you all about it if I go

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if you go? better go! We're all rooting for ya Hon!
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lol.. THANKS so much!
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Excellent news Sam, I know how difficult it can be for people to make new friends. Have a blast at the party
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I know how different if can be to start in a new school; I am starting high school next week! Its great that you've already made friends! Have an awesome time at the party!
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Hey Sam! Good for you! I hope you have fun! I was lucky when I was in grade nine...although going from my little school to a "huge" school (in my books) sucked, I was lucky to know at least a couple of kids that had already been there since gr 7. I should tell you that I went from a school of about 100 kids (if that) in Kindergarten to grade 8, and in my grade, there was only 6 of us, and I was one of 2 girls. The other girl so didn't like me, and we never got along really, so after gr 8 she thought she was better than me, not that I cared, but we never were friends. I am still in contact with one of them....for 3 years we were inseperable! Then I moved and it wasn't the same after that, but we are slowly getting back to where we were! And I should note that I graduated in 97! So good luck with your new friend, and have lots of fun, ok?
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Thank you- I parties, I people , I'm made for life!

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