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I finally met Philip!!!!! TOTAL LOVE!  

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We met!!!!!! He's as wonderful as he's been to me since we've met on the net! I can't say enough about him because he's all that!

The only thing that keeps us apart are the miles and what a story I have for you!!!!!

Okay, it's the day of my flight....I'm starving and I don't know if any of you are familiar with bodybuilders but this is a very important ingredient in staying lean and huge!!! MEALTIME...I hate to miss it and when I'm hungry I eat...cause the last thing I need is for my body to go into "catabolics"...(the state where I'm so hungry that my muscle is being eaten by my own body for fuel!) Yuk!
That's one of the bodybuilder's biggest fears...which...turned amuck on me that day!

My big day
  • 5:00 am...
  • Doin all my girlie stuff :girlie:
  • My friend takes me to the airport
  • I check my bags
  • I go to eat something with my friend (more like food pals... we don't drink nothin...boring too :laughing:
  • I get to the gate
  • I get told I'm too late to board the flight
  • I bought this ticket on Expedia...(so they may not honor it for a different flight!
  • They didn't notice... :paranoid3:
  • They hook me up with the next flight
  • My other friend finally tells me after forever months that he's in love with me! OMG! No,No, No, No, No...this can't be happening!
  • He leaves...:disturbed:(Anne, we need a "relieved" smilie in here...maybe one lying on it's back rubbing it's wiping away the sweat???)
  • My flight is not for another FOUR HOURS
  • I call Philip...I look like a
  • mega
  • I manage to make this flight! :laughing:
  • It's now 2:00 pm! I would've been there at 1:30 originally! yep...rrrrrrrr
  • I have a layover this flight
  • We now have a four hour layover due to rain!
  • I call Philip....and look like and look like a total infinity
  • More
  • It's now 7:45 pm!!!!
  • My flight is scheduled to get into Phoenix at 11:30 pm (Phoenix time..that makes my flight approximately 6 hours!!!
  • Boarding the flight! Relieved! :disturbed:
  • After 5 1/2 grueling hours...my legs are sqooshed...:disturbed:
    we reach Phoenix!
  • I'm totally buggin now! My hair in place? My makeup????
  • I'm walking off the ramp and looking into the crowd.... :walking:
  • I see Philip!
  • Our eyes connect and we're both frozen staring at one another...:disturbed:
  • My heart races because he's so gorgeous and I don't know what to do! :disturbed:
  • All of a sudden.....he smiles !!!! HUGE SMILE! YES!!! (Anne, we need a high five one or a two smilie's given some skin!)
  • He calls my name "Catarina" it's me Phil! :laughing: (like no :censor::censor::censor::censor:..there's no one even close as hot lookin as you baby...that's what I'm thinkin! :laughing:
  • He just casually takes me into his arms and gives me this most glorius kiss!!!!!
  • He looks at me and says..."Did ya miss me baby?...Cause I sure in the hell have missed you in the past 35 years!" :laughing:
  • We leave the airport and I'm starving! :LOL: Okay,so you see where I'm heading with this huh? :laughing:
  • I then think of how my day began because I was starving, so I opted not to go for dinner! :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
So..our next four days together is pure bliss and we can't get close enough anywhere! We may as well have sat on each others laps! :laughing:
Well, the rest is pure smack ...and hopefully we'll be seeing each other very, very soon...we're talking about moving arrangements already

You'll never guess what happened my last day there....if you guessed about missing my flight again....you're right!!!!!! I did it again!
This time, I almost had to pay 1,000k for a one way ticket!
:angry: Just because of a traffic jam! I left the airport in tears thinking of Opie and my other babies!!
I called US Air and told the supervisor the situation and she was a cat lover, cause I mentioned that I had 6 kitties and a puppy waiting for my return and didn't have any money and
She was so sweet :angel2:and told me not to worry that she would send a fax and note it on the computer that she has authorized my travel.

Well, now it was time to say goodbye to Philip...we were so sad But we know we have a future together and that's all that matters! God has blessed me over and over again!!!! I am beyond blessed! :angel2Anne, we could use a thankful smilie too....LOL
As you can see, all and all it's a win, win situation. I'll keep ya's current and post some pics soon!

Love &
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Yay for you!!!

I'm so happy for you. what an entertaining story!

thanks for sharing it with us.
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I just sent you an email because I was worried about you!!!! Little did I know you were off pursuing your desire!

I am soo happy for you!

And it's good to see you back!
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Takes me back to my first meeting with Mike! I am so glad that this worked for you cat. Keep God in the center and you will have nothing to lose!
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Hi Deb! Hi airprincess Hi Hissy!!!!!

Deb, thanks so much for the email! I reached it way before you even knew I posted this! How sweet of you...as usual! xoxoxoxox

Colby ...entertaining...lol!!! yeah...The story only! :laughing:
I'm so happy to be home and thanks for reading that crazy but true story! ...recreating it was even more havoc!! :eeks:

Hissy...did you meet Mike on the net??????

I'll make sure to keep eyes peeled for the Lord and thank Him for his blessings! Philip's a Christian too! It's so right!

Love &
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It sounds like you had a wonderful time...well except for all the hassles, but I am sure it was well worth it. Arizona is a great place! If we don't move back to CA we will move to AZ.
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I'm very very happy for you! I was in your same shoes not long ago. I met my boyfriend on the internet. I was living in North Carolina.. he was living in San Francisco, California. I later moved to Houston. We were in an online relationship 9 months before we finally met. He flew to Houston to meet me. It was sooo wonderful. We started talking about moving in together... and 3 months later I move here to live with him.

I wish you both the best and hope that you guys can be just as happy and as much in love as we are. Reading this has definitely brought a smile to my face. It's nice to know that even though there are a lot of bad and cruel people out there... there are also people like you and Phillip.. and everyone else here. Congratulations again!

"Every man is guilty of all the good he didn't do." --Voltaire
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What a story!! I am envious. Does he have a brother, cousin, uncle, father, grandfather, friend, or nephew who is single and wants to meet someone???

I'm really happy for you. You best post a picture soon! I'm dying to see this hunk.


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Sounds like we're all going to be invited to a wedding in the near future. Have you decided to move to Phoenix and if so, that means that we will only be a 6 hour car drive and a one hour flight from each other. I will also be seeing you in Tampa in September.

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Catarina, I am so happy for you. You are obviously very much in love and that's the best feeling in the world! I wish you both the best and I hope you will get together for good real soon!

Thank you for sharing this uplifting story!
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Oh Catarina I'm so happy for you girl!!!
You must be walking on sunshine now!!! I'm so very glad you found him!!!
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okay im not exactly a rgular here and i dont even know you...but all i can say is wow. im already married but that is sooooooo sweet and romantic. i want one!!! congrats. angel
ps please do keep us posted. i wont need to buy books if you keep that stuff coming.
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I thoroughly enjoyed reading your story!!! What an experience for you! Though, I have never met the one I have loved through the internet, I HAVE met several good friends whom I still keep in touch with! I think it is so amazing what fun things come about from chatting/IRC (when used for sincere & sweet romance and friendship, rather than freaky-deaky craziness and darkness)!!

I wish you two the very best!! Good luck in your love and friendship!

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You guys are the best!!!!:flash: :flash:
:flash: :flash: :flash:

I guess you can see I'm a bit excited...:laughing:

Well, I'm so happy ya'll are so supportive of me...You know, Anne, I was wondering how your sister was doing. Remember, you told me she met her boyfriend the same way....how are they? I pray that everything's going well for them!

Boy what a wild tale to tell though huh? That's exactly how I felt too, by the time the trip was over...We spoke today and are now planning our next visit...I'll definitely keep you posted...maybe I can sell this to Harlequin Romances!!!!

Oh and Angel...here's that pic you asked for....brace yourself cutie!
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I've seen body building competitions but they don't always show them this close up!! My good hell.. he could crush my skull between his pecs!!!

But he IS cute Catarina!!! YAY!!!!
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I am so HAPPY for you!!!!!!!!

You and Phil sound like a match made in heaven!!!! And it is so COOL that he too is a Christian!!!!! I am sure God has his hand in this!!!!!!

I really enjoyed reading about your trip, and seeing the picture of Phil.....I hope with all my heart that this will work out for you!!!!

I Love you!!!!!!

Please keep us posted on how it is going.....it warms my heart to hear how in love you both are!!!!
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