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baby pix

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Mark and Sam brought me some pix, this week. They don't have any new ones, yet. These were taken at 3 weeks and are the best close-ups. Feliza is wearing the flowered T-shirt and Isabel is in white.
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Oh, they are beautiful! And are they identical? In these pictures, they look different, but that could just be the light and the camera angle and the expressions on their faces.
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They are adorable
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oh the sweet babies! Absolutely precious- except, I am guessing at 3:00 a.m. they might not be?
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oh how cute , yeah at three in the mornings I remember that one . Is already 15 years ago , the times just fly by like nothing
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Absolutely precious! I can smell that sweet baby smell from here!
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Cindy they are precious!!!!!
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What beautful babys!
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They are identical, with just a little bit of weight difference. They already have different personalities, though. Feliza has a temper and Isabel is more laid-back.

Feliza likes Mark more than Isabel does but, they both like Sam best. I told Mark that's because Sam has the food! That will change when they get old enough to ask for money and cars - THEN they'll like Mark best.

I hope that they keep those dark blue eyes. With their dark hair and complexions, blue eyes will be gorgeous.

Isabel is already able to roll from her belly to her back and they are both trying to scoot across the floor. Heaven help the kids, when those two start walking!
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OMG they are so beautiful! You must be sooo proud!
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How precious!! They're gorgeous little girls!! So Grandma, are you spoiling them rotten yet?
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Cindy - they're so pretty!!!!

I too think the combination of dark complection/hair and blue eyes is a winner. Tho babies' eyes do have a habit of changing in colour . . .
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Originally posted by katl8e
.....Heaven help the kids, when those two start walking!
My mother would agree with you on that. I am a twin and all of my life she has never failed to remind me how we skipped crawling and went straight to running, LOL!!

Feliza and Isabel are JUST gorgeous!! You must be so proud!! I love their names, too.

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Oh, I'm so happy you have more pics now! The two of them are simply adorable! Are they looking more like Mark or Sam these days? Either way, they're just too darn cute for words!
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Since they are dark, they look like Sam. The blue eyes come from our side of the family.

As for spoiling - I don't see them often enough to do that. At least, they don't pitch a fit when I'm holding them. I read them the riot act: no screaming, puking or pooping, when I've got them!

They seem to like cats, already. Buddy jumped onto the coffee table and he and they were checking each other out, pretty closely. Buddy sniffed Isabel's foot and tickled her, with his whiskers.
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