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Ruining things

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My cat loves to ruin the ends of our couches by obviously scratching the heck out of them. She recently started going into the couch by going underneath and ripping the bottom off of the couch and climbing inside. God only knows the damage under there Is there any way to correct this? I highly doubt she'd go for a scratching post. Plus, she may be having kittens and I want to keep atleast one of them and I don't want them to pick up any bad habits.

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Why do you doubt she will go to a scratching post? If you buy the right one, tall enough and sturdy enough, she will use it. Plus, she many be a horizontal scrather and buying her a turbo scratcher may be just the ticket.

She does not have a bad habit, it is instinctive for cats to scratch. They do it to stretch, to remove dead nail that is shed, and to sharpen (as well as blunt) their nails. Humans expecting cats to not scratch are expecting to much. It would be like them asking us to stop breathing, because it is ingrained in them to do this.

Contact our member catsplay.com and talk to her about scratching posts. Another good place to find good natural scratching posts:natural tree Their cat scratching bench on their website is wonderful way for your cat to enjoy the scratching experience.

Check here for ways to stop your cat from scratching where you do not want her to:

Scratching issues
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All cats scratch. They do this to both leave their scent and to remove the outer sheath of their claws. This is a normal and completely healthy thing for them to do. They damage furniture only when their people haven't provided them an appropriate and acceptable place to scratch.

Please do as Hissy suggested. If you give her alternatives she likes, you problem will be solved.
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By tearing out the bottom of your couch she may be searching for a hiding place for her kittens. Get some muslin from a fabric store and staplegun it snugly across the bottom of the couch to keep her out and set up a box big enough for her to streach our in both directions live it with old towels and an unwashed t shirt of yours for the comfort scent. Maybe a couple of boxes around the house in quiet corners so she has a choise.

Let us know when those little ones get here and make sure to take her to the vet after and have her spayed!
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