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The book is traveling

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Just thought I would let you know. Meowman, soon you will have mail.
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i was just thinking about that, and wondering when it was going to be set in motion!

where am i on the list? third?
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I thought it would be kind of cool if everybody added a personal message to the book as it came their way.
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Plus there is a small note and a list of the people who will be getting this book right in the front of the book itself. Blue you are fourth.
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Not to sound ignorant here, or anything, but are we going on the protocol of sending a PM to the person next on the list to get his/her address?
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I tried to cover that in the note in the book, but yes, a PM or email to the next one on the list was my thinking, but hey, I am winging it here.
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Before everyone says "She doesn't know about the book? sheesh!"
I was gone for a month and must have missed the post.

Whats this about a book? Whose book? Whats it about? Are there pictures?

Seriously though...whats all this about a book?

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That's cool!!! But how would we be knowing each other's addresses??? Maybe PMs will do the job, right?
Oh I can't wait to get it!!!
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Cleo....Hissy can tell you better than I can about the book, but it is too cheer Anne up, and to thank her for this wonderful site! Anyone who is interested can receive it in the mail, if you are interested, tell Hissy and she will add your name to the list....then when you are next on the list, the person before you will PM you to get your address. You just write a bit about your cats, and something personal to Anne, I beleive.....correct me if I am wrong, Hissy.
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