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Double-Sided Tape...

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Where is the most common place to buy double-sided tape (the kind used to discourage kitties from scratching furniture)? I'll be bringing home a new baby soon and want to put up tape right away, since my hubby and I won't be home during the day to discourage her.


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Jenk if you order this product it will serve you better.

Sticky Paws
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I gather from the website that you can only order it online (that, is that it's not carried in stores). Is this correct? I'd prefer to run out and get it ASAP, if possible. Besides, I dislike ordering things online for security reasons. *sigh* And sending a payment via snail mail is *too* long these days.

Thank you for the suggestion,

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Sticky Paws is awesome! I used it on my furniture to detour my boys from sharpening their claws and now I don't have to use it anymore - Very cool invention! Sticky Paws is also kind to your furniture, too…I would be afraid to use anything heavier.

(Do I sound like a commercial or what?) LOL!!

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I just use clear packing tape but turned sticky side out and turn the ends under so they stick to the furniture. It's readily available and really cheap. I know you can get it in just about any dollar store.

Not sure if I described well enough how to do it or not but will be glad to explained further if ya need me to
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I'm using double-sided carpet tape, bought at ACE Hardware. It comes in plastic and cloth varieties, for about $3.50 a roll.
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You can get sticky paws at PetsMart.

I just use double-sided tape I buy at WalMart in the section with the regular Scotch Tape.
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Petco has it too as well as soft paws nail caps.
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Petco sells softpaws!! I've been wanting to try those on Tibby but I've been too lazy to phone order them. Maybe I should make a run to Petco.
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I have Soft Claws (the knock-off version of Soft Paws) and will consider using them on the new kitty. However, I want her to learn what is off limits, rather than have her "scratch" items she shouldn't while wearing her Soft Claws. After all, there will come a time when I won't put the caps on her nails; if she thinks it's okay to scratch here and there, I could be in trouble.
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