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Playful Kitten

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Remeber the kitten I found, well she always wants to play!
If shes awakw, she chases everything, wants everyone to play, is
that normal for kittens? But when she wants love, she just sits and
purrs. But most of the time she wants to play? Any advice would help.
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lol. that is kittens main goal in life

Zoey is over a year old and all she wants to do is play too
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kittens play play play!! That is the joy of having kittens. My guys kinda grew out of it alittle when they hit two. But they still love to play!
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Welcome to the wonderful world of kittens

Mine are both 12 and they *still* run around most of the time when they're up.
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Kittens always want to play that is what is so fun about kittens. Their antics are hilarious to watch Even my boys still want to play..hmmmm wait a minute Oscar is still a kitten..no wonder he is so crazy......gotta love em though
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Toes is 5 and think that's still his main goal.

Tailer is much calmer, though.
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Both of my cats were very playful when they were kittens. It was a bit of a shock, since I never had a kitten before. My other cat was an adult when I got her. Faile is now 2, and still loves to play. Molly will be 2 next month, and is a little calmer.
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That is what kittens do best is play and purr and rub, and run,..they are just full of energy!!
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Thanks, for a minute there I thought I had a cat from the
Dark side!! I think its name shall be Trouble..I havent had a
kitten of my own 9 years, I have rescued many kittens, but found them
homes! This kitty can wake from a dead sleep, and just start playing?!
Thanks so much for your replys, and thanks so much for posting pictures of all your kitties! My cat Samantha, who is 12, has been a sleep during kittens playtime, and for now, I keep them apart, because I only found the kitten a week ago. Thanks, kelly
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thats a normal kitten, play time is always, and btw, you want it that way, because if it doesnt want to play alot, it could be sick, so rejoice that it does want to play, isnt it fun to watch them play, i love it.
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I love watching her play!! Especially when she comes at me side
ways. Today I was putting stuff in a trashbag, and she was sleeping,
and out of nowhere she jumps into the bag! I love to watch her curious eyes! She loves playing with my daughters Barbie houses, and dolls, and she loves climbing on everything! She does not care if we want to play or not, she will make us!!
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