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Cats will rule the world!

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Is everyone as excited about the upcoming movie Cats and Dogs as me? I think it's going to be awesome! The official site is www.catsanddogmovie.com. It has a Persian, Exotic Shorthair, a Russian Blue (being played by a British Shorthair hehe), and a band of Ninjas played by Devon Rexes. There are also d*gs in the movie.
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Fireshoes; I am a SUCKER for dog and cat movies. I have seen previews of this and one of my favorite comedy stars, John Lovitt, is the voice of one of the cats. It should be a lot of fun!!! Thank you for the official Site for the movie. I will check that out.

I Loved "Homeward Bound" and the sequel a few years back. . . . .
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this definitely looks like a 'fun' film, Cameron and i will be going to the weekend matinee when it comes
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I plan to go see it on the 4th when it comes out. Thank goodness for federal holidays! I am looking forward to it.
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I have heard a lot of great things about this movie and can't wait to see it!!
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I saw the commercial for that movie...and I can't wait to see it!!!!
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I went and saw it for the 4th. It is a very cute movie but I am very glad I paid 5.00 for the matinee. It has some very cute and funny dialogue. Can't wait to hear what everyone else thought of it.
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We will probably be seeing it this weekend. I am really looking forward to it.
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I too am excited about this movie. But, I have to wait til' the pass restriction comes off and my friend who is a manager at a theatre can let me in for free.

But, have you noticed? Cats are almost always depicted as villains, which they look to be in this film too. I hope not, because I want to see the cats win!
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Who wants to be the good guy anyway *teehee* Being evil is just funner..as long as it's not too evil. I've always wanted to play a villian.
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It's so much fun to be bad (within reason of course)...

In fact, most of my own exciting/funnest times have been doing "bad" things. Of course, I guess that all depends on what your definition of bad is.
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No comment...

*I plead the 5th* :laughing:
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I have heard about this movie - I just hope that we get it out here soon......I will be the first one at the movies to see it - I can see that i will probably end up going alone as the boyfriend will probably not be interested. but hey that is okay by me
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well, I finally saw the movie Cats and Dogs, this weekend, and I give it a thumbs up for humor and story line, but a thumbs down for Kitty Public Relations. Kittys always seem to get a bum rap for everything.
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