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How much L-lysine?

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I know a few people here give their cats l-lysine.
We want to start giving Wendel some, just to give his system a bit of a boost but we can't get it in cat-form, so just have the human much do you guys give your cats per day?
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HI. If you are just giving Wendell the maintenance dosage and he has no symptoms of a mild cold then you give 1/8 tsp. (250 mg.) per day. I just mix it in the wet food once a day. If the kitty has a mild cold then 1/4 tsp. (500 mg.) per day. I have heard some people giving twice that amount, but I would not do that. A higher dosage could cause loose poops too.

I bought the NOW L-lysine off of Amazon recommended by LDG and Carolina. It was very reasonable.
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I give Hannah 1/4 t 2x daily but she has herpes. Tumbles gets half of a 1/4 t scoop 2x a day when his eyes are all goopy.

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Cotton used to get 500mg each day, but with all his health issues, we purposely gave him a higher dose. Wendel doesn't have anything (knock-on-wood) but since he's FIV+, we figured that an immune booster couldn't hurt him.
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I feed my kitties off one tray ...wet food. How do you measure it then? Seven eat together.
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