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Number 15

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Well, it's time to introduce number 15 (aka Tafi). Well, I know, I know we said we were a full house BUT...how do you stand by an let a house cat simply starve to death because some "human" decided they were tired of the cats. We even know who this one belonged to but what can you do. Tafi is now mine and safe. Since there were two males hanging around we are waiting for the 65 days to see if she is expecting before her trip to the vet for surgery. She is a grey tabby medium long hair and the second softest cat we've ever had. Grammie just fell in love with Tafi. She is a sweet cat and just wants to be loved by a human. When she first arrived in our home, she slept in a crate but now she is sleeping on my bed. Until all the cats accept each other she stays on a leash. She has no problem with this arrangement. I carry her everywhere. She goes from room to room with me and ISN'T SPOILED--HONEST SHE ISN'T. (if you believe that one, I have some swampland in Phoenix I can sell you CHEEP )

BTW, I haven't forgotten to post pic's but am having a bit of trouble getting decent scans. Snouggie's babies are already 4 months. WOW did that time fly!!!!!!!
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Originally posted by Snouggie's Mom
Well, I know, I know we said we were a full house BUT...
I know how that goes. We're saying 15 is the limit. But if there was a cat in need or in imminent danger, he or she would be #16.

She sounds like she is very happy to be home with you. Best of luck!
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Wow! That's a lotta cats!
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I can't wait to see a picture of her . I am sure she is cute . By the way I also have 15 indoor cats and 5 outdoor cats .
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15 is a good number
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How many are you at now, Val?
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She has 11 in her signature......
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Yes, but she has some outside kitties, too...they're not all in her siggy.
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Oh Ok .... Some of her cats in her siggy are O/side ones tho also right? coz I know Lillie is o/s
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Yes, Lilly and Ashton are outside kitties. But there is also Sherbert, their brother. And there are a few others, I think Leo is one of them and there's the white Daddycat and a big black cat too. And she still has Bonnie, her foster; not sure if she is keeping her or adopting her out.
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Wow! Your family grows up! Congradulations!

show us pics!
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